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Tourniquets for Police Patrol

There was an officer-involved shooting in the City of St. Petersburg last week.  In the exchange of gunfire, an officer was hit in the leg by a bullet from the suspect’s pistol.  Unfortunately, the officer’s Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T®) was in his cruiser.  He attempted to fashion a field-expedient tourniquet from a garden hose to help staunch the flow of blood.  I am glad to report that he survived.  The suspect did not. This shooting caused SPPD to examine their issuance of the C-A-T tourniquet.  Some officers complained that the C-A-T is difficult to carry on a crowded gun belt.  SPPD Chief Tony Holloway, in turn, approved the purchase of … Continue reading

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Police K9 Handlers and Dog Control

A Coconut Creek Police Department K9 dog has been retired from the force after biting two innocent persons, one an officer.  Four-year-old K9 Renzo had only been on the job a year and a half at the time of his dismissal.  The circumstances of the bites, as widely reported in the media, shine a light on the subjects of a handler’s judgment and his control of his police dog in public. I am commenting only on the scenarios as documented, not the persons involved, who will not be named here.  In the first instance, November 26, 2014, the K9 team was tracking a home invasion suspect around 12 a.m.  The … Continue reading

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KA-BAR TDI at SHOT Show 2015

I dropped in on John Benner at KA-BAR’s booth at SHOT Show.  Mr. Benner is the founder of the Tactical Defense Institute.  He designed the TDI law enforcement knife that KA-BAR builds.  Benner has 37 years of service as both a soldier and a police officer.  We had a great talk. You may remember that I wrote an article about the original TDI knife in 2012 in which I was not pleased with its sheath from a law enforcement perspective.  In March of 2014, KA-BAR introduced two new TDI knives, the Hellfire and Hinderance, which had locking sheaths.  I pronounced, “Problem solved!”  But with the reservation:  I wanted to know … Continue reading

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L.A.P.D. Approves Shellback Plate Carrier

Shellback Tactical has announced that its Made in USA AGGRESSOR plate carrier in black has been approved for duty use by the Los Angeles Police Department.  The MSRP for the AGGRESSOR is $179.99.  The pouches and mags not included. Randall   NOW – L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department) Approved The AGGRESSOR Plate Carrier is integrated with several features. The AGGRESSOR Carrier challenges the status quo in Law Enforcement plate carriers. This carrier was designed from the ground up with the patrol officer or tactical operator in mind. Ideal to be worn as an outer plate carrier/ tactical vest with rifle hard armor plates. The carrier has integrated front and back … Continue reading

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TASER-proof Clothing Project

Hackaday.com has webbed up a “TASER-proof” clothing project.  The suggested mod is to use carbon-fiber strips in garments to make them “100% taserproof.”  By inserting iron-on CF tape strips between layers of cloth, the space-aged material will allegedly conduct electrical energy from a TASER or stun gun away from the clothing’s wearer and into the  CF strips to be dispersed without result.  Skin penetration by the probes is supposedly rendered ineffective as well. Gee, it is too bad that modern law enforcement officers do not train to transition to other less lethal options when their CEW’s are ineffective.  Oh, wait a minute…  We do!  This geek-inspired Hackaday Internet invention is … Continue reading

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Tactical Medical Solutions Uniformed Medical Kit

Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. provides products and training resources for both combat and tactical medical applications.   Their Uniformed Medical Kit allows a police officer to carry vital medical supplies beneath his or her uniform shirt.  The pouch attaches with hook side Velcro™ to the loop field on the adjustable strap area of concealed body armor.  More loop material on the front of the UMK is available for the strap ends to affix. Tactical Medical Solutions gives the following benefits to the UMK: Central placement provides the officer instant, ambidextrous access to

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Sending Them Out to Play in Traffic

It was my first week back in Detective Bureau.  I was getting a slice with some of the guys when I got a call from my lieutenant.  “Yeah, Boss?”  “You better check on Wheaten and Milner; they requested uniformed back-up,” he said.  Day two in DB and I hadn’t even programmed all the investigators’ numbers into my phone.  Figured.  “Right away, Boss.” Just before lunch, Wheaten told me he and Milner were going to interview and arrest a grand theft suspect for whom he had probable cause at a particular nursing home.  At least I knew where they were.  I reached Milner on the phone.  “All good?”  She said, “We … Continue reading

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St. Petersburg Police to Test StarChase Pursuit System

About a year and a half ago, I wrote an article about the StarChase Pursuit Management System.  StarChase fires a GPS loaded projectile at a fleeing vehicle.  Once the projectile is attached, it allows the police to back off the pursuit and electronically follow the vehicle in hopes of a less volatile ending. Assistant Chief Melanie Bevans has said that the St. Petersburg Police will be trying out the StarChase technology because, “This is something that we have found that we think will make (pursuits) just a little less dangerous.”  Police chases resulted in 17 crashes in 2012 for the St. Petersburg Police.  St. Pete will be the first police … Continue reading

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Zebra F-701 Pen Review

Since moving to a plainclothes job, I started to re-examine my daily load out.  Seems it no longer qualifies as such.  The utility of a duty belt and cargo pockets has given way to the functionally spartan nature of dress shirts and slacks.  In both Patrol and CID, a writing instrument is required.  I decided I needed something less than a full blown “tactical pen,” but more than a plastic clicky pen.  Thus, I bought a Zebra F-701. An Internet darling, the Zebra F-701 is a stainless steel barreled retractable ballpoint pen with a 0.7mm fine writing tip.  The pen’s overall length is 5 3/8″ and its weight is 1.1 … Continue reading

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Eleven 10 Gear C.A.T. and SOF-T Tourniquet Holsters

I saw one of our Street Crimes Unit guys wearing this Kydex holster on his duty belt.  It caught my eye, as I recognized the C.A.T. tourniquet it held.  I inquired where he had purchased it and he sent me a link to Eleven 10 Gear.  Eleven Ten makes self-aid/buddy-aid med gear designed for the Military, SWAT, and street LEO’s.  The company was founded by two operators, one a Recon Marine and the other a SWAT officer, so they have both arenas covered.  Eleven Ten’s gear is proudly Made in the USA.  Below is their description of the C.A.T. holster. This small Kydex law enforcement / military tourniquet case can … Continue reading

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Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key

Let’s all keep a watch out for this crowdfunded officer safety hazard.  The TIHK, tiny inconspicuous handcuff key, is made for a person to evade being “illegally restrained in handcuffs.”  Here is their disclaimer:  “The TIHK is to only be used to counter illegal detainment and in accordance with all local, state and federal laws by trained law enforcement, military and security professionals. Improper use by civilians is not endorsed or encouraged. Use of the product is at your own personal risk and discretion.” It is a felony for a civilian to carry a concealed handcuff key in Florida under FSS 843.021, but my agency has seen an increase in … Continue reading

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Video of the Shoot Out at a Miami-Dade Narcotics Raid

Chilling video of an ambush at a Miami-Dade Police drug raid last July was released Thursday.  Thankfully, the officers prevailed.  Suspect Gerardo Delgado died.  Det. John Saavedra was shot three times, below his ballistic vest, but survived.  Eighty pounds of marijuana and $90,000.00 were found in the house. Homeowner Luis Estevanell, who is the other suspect seen in the video, was charged with Possession of Cocaine, Trafficking in Marijuana, and Second-Degree Murder. Situational awareness can save your Applewood Smoked Bacon.  Don’t pass things you haven’t cleared (when humanly possible).  Take decisive action (when necessary).  Stay frosty. Randall

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Surviving to Twenty-Five Part Two

In the first part of Surviving to Twenty-Five, I yapped a bit about safety and diet and exercise.  Another part of long-term officer survival is in the work arena.  Over the years, I have collected a few tips for getting your career off to a good beginning. If you just had those patches sewn on your uniform shirts, the best tactic for you on the job is to keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth closed, except to ask questions.  And, contrary to cliché, there is such a thing as a dumb question.  It’s the one you have already asked more than once. Ours is a profession devoted … Continue reading

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Surviving to Twenty-Five

Several months ago, I crested the 25-year mark as a sworn police officer.  More recently, I turned 50.  I had some thoughts about surviving a law enforcement career for a quarter of a century that I would like to share. I will get this one out of the way right off.  Continue your officer safety training and mindset throughout your whole career, regardless of your job description.  Everything else on which I will comment has no bearing if you do not live to fight another day.  Always be aware of your surroundings and think tactically on and off duty.  What would I do if X, Y, or Z happened right … Continue reading

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What You Don’t Know…

The weather was beautiful, so my wife and I took a walk to get out of the house.  Along the journey, we headed down the sidewalk near a set of waterfront condos.  There was a sheriff’s office cruiser parked parallel to our path.  As we went by the driver’s side of the patrol car, my wife and I waved to the deputy sheriff.  She was young and appeared to be talking on her cell phone–no problem there, she was stationary.  That would pass muster under our General Orders.  She smiled and nodded back to us–good public relations for Starman. I could not help but feel uneasy as I was strolling … Continue reading

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