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Next Generation CAT Tourniquet

North American Rescue is updating their popular Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT).  The graphic above displays the new features.  A strengthened windlass rod, clip, and strap address the issue of high torque when the unit is applied correctly. As we found … Continue reading

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Hydrapak’s Durable First Wave Tactical Reservoir

I hate hydration bladders.  There I’ve said it.  You know you do, too.  Not that they aren’t a great way to haul around water when tucked inside a useful shoulder-mounted system.  It’s just that they are fragile, difficult to fill, … Continue reading

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Tourniquets for Police Patrol

There was an officer-involved shooting in the City of St. Petersburg last week.  In the exchange of gunfire, an officer was hit in the leg by a bullet from the suspect’s pistol.  Unfortunately, the officer’s Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T®) was … Continue reading

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Off Duty First Aid Necessities

I was out on a hiking trail in California earlier in the day.  Yes, I am on vacation.  It occurred to me that there was something noticeably different about my fellow hikers and me.  Could it have to do with … Continue reading

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Flakka–A Deadly New Designer Drug Rises in Florida

South Florida is experiencing a spike in violent and unpredictable behaviors exhibited by people using the relatively new synthetic designer drug known as flakka.  A “bath salt”-style mixture, flakka can be smoked, vaped, snorted, injected, or swallowed.  It is classified … Continue reading

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An Officer’s Opinion of Florida Amendment 2–Medical Marijuana

With the upcoming general election looming, I thought I would weigh in on 2014 Florida Constitutional Amendment 2, Use of Marijuana Under Certain Medical Conditions, from a law enforcement officer’s perspective.  I have read the full language of the amendment, … Continue reading

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R.A.T.S. Tourniquet

The Rapid Application Tourniquet System (R.A.T.S.) is another style of extremity hemorrhage control marketed to soldiers and police officers.  It consists of a 1/2″ flat bungee cord and aluminum cleat.  The instructions below are pretty self explanatory.

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Tactical Medical Solutions Uniformed Medical Kit

Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. provides products and training resources for both combat and tactical medical applications.   Their Uniformed Medical Kit allows a police officer to carry vital medical supplies beneath his or her uniform shirt.  The pouch attaches with hook … Continue reading

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New Celox RAPID Hemostatic Gauzes

As I was finishing a half lap of SWAT Round-Up International’s vendor area, I had spied my old friend, an Orange County Sheriff’s Office Master Deputy.  My friend introduced me to Dr. William Brooks at the Advanced Trauma Specialties display.  … Continue reading

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Eleven 10 Gear C.A.T. and SOF-T Tourniquet Holsters

I saw one of our Street Crimes Unit guys wearing this Kydex holster on his duty belt.  It caught my eye, as I recognized the C.A.T. tourniquet it held.  I inquired where he had purchased it and he sent me … Continue reading

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Surviving to Twenty-Five

Several months ago, I crested the 25-year mark as a sworn police officer.  More recently, I turned 50.  I had some thoughts about surviving a law enforcement career for a quarter of a century that I would like to share. … Continue reading

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T.U.C.Rig — Tactical Under Carry for Equipment

A West Central Florida police officer/SWAT member has come up with a simple carry method for ancillary equipment with external clips or sheaths.  She calls it the T.U.C.Rig for Tactical Under Carry Rig.  Consisting of a nylon strap, single buckle, … Continue reading

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Emergency Medical Conditions and the Law Enforcement Response

We had two officers injured in a fight this week with a person refusing medical treatment at a local hospital.  The situation highlighted what can be a gray area for the police officer, which is the question of when to … Continue reading

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New Report by American Heart Association Zaps TASER International

A new report released on-line by the American Heart Association magazine Circulation associates sudden cardiac arrest and death with the application of an electronic control device (ECD), more specifically a TASER International model X26. Dr. Douglas P. Zipes, a cardiologist … Continue reading

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Morphix Technologies Chameleon Chemical Detector Review

Morphix Technologies has released a seven minute training video which gives some simple statistics and dangers about Meth Labs.  The video also addresses Morphix’s Chameleon Chemical Detector, one of their products for detecting hazardous chemicals by first responders.  I got … Continue reading

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