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Throwback to the 1990’s Ford Mustang SSP

Automobile Magazine recently published an article about the 1990-era Ford Mustang Special Service Police packages that were sold to New York State Police, California Highway Patrol, Florida Highway Patrol, and other law enforcement agencies. My local sheriff had some and I remember them roaring past us in

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Latest Fentanyl Alert from the DEA This is a three minute video from the DEA on the hazards of handling fentanyl.  Two New Jersey detectives give their version of a scary close call at about 50 seconds in.  Stay safe. Randall

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Orlando Suffers Terror Attack

It was with great sorrow that I awoke this morning and read of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history in Orlando. At this time there are fifty dead and at least as many wounded. I have friends at both the Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and I am certain the officers and deputies responded with bravery. Only Friday, OPD arrived at the shooting of a pop star and subsequent suicide of her murderer. Twice this weekend, OPD Chief John Mina has stood before the press to deliver devastating news. The circumstances of the Pulse nightclub massacre quickly indicated the influence of radical Islam. ISIS later … Continue reading

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Next Generation CAT Tourniquet

North American Rescue is updating their popular Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT).  The graphic above displays the new features.  A strengthened windlass rod, clip, and strap address the issue of high torque when the unit is applied correctly. As we found during TCCC training earlier in the year, dual routing of the strap through the buckle is better, but a little difficult with one hand since the strap has trouble sliding.  The new single routed buckle with teeth should help preloading and administering the CAT in all conditions. No word on release date or price yet. Randall

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Merry Christmas!

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Deadly Force Policy Change in Miami Beach

The Miami Beach Police Department is poised to change its deadly force policy to now prohibit an officer from discharging his or her firearm at a vehicle unless an occupant displays a weapon–not to include the car–or shoots at them.  This move stems from a 2011 incident involving officers shooting at a motorist who tried to run over five Miami Beach police officers. That driver, Raymond Herisse, was shot by officers of both the Miami Beach and Hialeah police departments after his violent behavior during Urban Beach Week.  Herisse died at the scene.  A video of the end of the incident went viral.  The last Miami Beach Police Department shooting … Continue reading

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Public Sevice Message

Don’t worry, I am not going to dump a bucket of ice water over my head like everybody else. Randall

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Blade Show 2014

I will be en route to Blade Show at 0500 tomorrow.  I promise to post photos of any cool new sharpies I get to see in Atlanta! Randall

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Stay Tuned

I’ll be absent from new posting for a bit.  I’ve reassumed supervision of our K9 Unit and I have some administrative projects to slay.  I’ll be back in a few… Randall

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Happy Independence Day!

I’ll be working it, but I hope you won’t! Randall  

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Blade Show & International Cutlery Fair 2013

I’m headed over one state to the 32nd Annual Blade Show & International Cutlery Fair at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta.  As you may have read, I like sharp thingies.  I’ll keep my eye out for anything new from the Law Enforcement/SWAT/Military point of view.  There will certainly be some products to see.  Be safe. Randall

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Poor Judgment Leads to Police Sergeant’s Firing

This is a sample of the target that Sgt. Ron King of the Port Canaveral, FL Police Department wanted to use as a “training aid” during an April 2nd department firearms training.  He was fired on Friday.  The text of his explanation, which was posted on YouTube, is below.  King’s version doesn’t quite jibe when you actually see the target.  Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea?  With a crosshair reticle?  Come on… Randall  “Good Evening, my name is Ron King and I am the focus of some recent media attention based on lies, false information and political agendas. “First, you’ll have to excuse me if I refer to my computer … Continue reading

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Legendary Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Passes Away

Dr. Joseph Davis, 88, died on March 19, 2013.  He was a giant in the field of forensic pathology.  In 1956, Dr. Davis and Dr. Stanley Durlacher opened the first Medical Examiner’s office in Metro-Dade County.  Shortly thereafter, Dr. Davis became the Chief Medical Examiner, a post which he held from 1957 to 1996 and again in 2000-2001. Dr. Davis is credited with pioneering modern death investigation, strongly influencing public safety legislation, and training hundreds of medical examiners in the science worldwide.  Under Dr. Davis’ guidance, the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Department crafted their lauded Police MedicoLegal Investigation of Death Course.  The 40 hour seminar, a.k.a. Homicide School, is attended … Continue reading

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Shooting an IWI TAVOR at SHOT Show 2013

The Israel Weapons Industries (formerly Israel Military Industries), in collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces, has a seventy year history of producing arms for a country in constant conflict.  IWI is the maker of such iconic names as UZI, GALIL, and Desert Eagle.  IWI US, Inc. will be bringing upcoming brands for assembly and sale to United States soil.  The TAVOR SAR is one of their exciting new offerings. IWI had TAVORs to shoot at SHOT Show 2013 Media Day.  Yeah, baby.  IWI US’s General Manager Brad Howard gave us a tour of the TAVOR platform then we were able to toe the firing line.  Howard had told us that … Continue reading

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Poll By Sen. Bill Nelson

Please cast a vote in the poll (right column) on the Senator’s page in support of the Second Amendment. Randall

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