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Combative Edge Knives M1 Fixed Blade

I saw this new fixed blade on the Blade Show table at Combative Edge Knives.  Rob Walker told me that is a prototype for their newest knife, tentatively called the M1 Fixed Blade.  This is a hard-use knife made from Bohler-Uddeholm N690Co blade steel, HRC 58-60.  N690Co is a high carbon stainless steel which is reported to have excellent edge holding abilities and superior corrosion resistance.  The N690 will be DLC coated.  G-10 composite scales will be snugged down with titanium hardware.  A kydex sheath will be standard. Randall

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Schrade SCHF14 Fixed Blade Knife

This striking knife from Schrade (Taylor Brands) is their SCHF14.  When I saw it at Blade Show, I joked to the rep that SCHF must stand for, I dunno, “Sh*t Can Hit the Fan?”  His face told me he was not amused.  Yeah, but I was. One of my first SWAT knives was a Navy Mk3 knife that weighed at lease 14 ounces with its plastic sheath.  It was a beast and guys quickly shed it from their belts for more manageable cutters.  I think the trend toward smaller blades has continued and this Schrade SCHF14 looked like one I would hang from some tactical nylon. The thing I really … Continue reading

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Colonial Knives Tat Cutter–TSA Compliant?

At the Blade Show 2013, I had a chance to trade ideas with Steve Paolantonio, the owner of the Colonial Knife Company.  There was a banner at the back of the booth proclaiming:  “Colonial Knives Tat Cutter–TSA Compliant.”  Or words to that effect.  I was curious, since I had just flown in sans sharp objects. Mr. Paolantonio showed me the little rescue hook.  He said the marketing of the cutter was purely by accident.  Paolantonio said he loves the outdoors and is a rock climber.  To save on weight, he disassembled a Colonial Rescue Hook Auto Tool and hung the steel cutting portion on some ball chain around his neck … Continue reading

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Mission Knives CSP

Who better to show prototypes for the Mission Knives CSP (Chance Sanders Professional) than Chance Sanders himself.  Chance is a former DOE SWAT/Marine Corps guy that now specializes in urban and wilderness survival training.  He has joined with Mission knives to produce the CSP. In designing the knife, Chance said he wanted a strong all around blade for either the city dweller or outdoorsman who wants utility and fighting potential in their knife.  The CSP is made from A2 tool steel that is hardened to 58 on the Rockwell C scale, then black oxide coated.  Contoured G-10 scales are bolted on.  The blade length is 5″.  A MOLLE-compatible Kydex sheath … Continue reading

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Ontario Knife Company Wyvern Crash Axe

A Wyvern is a two-legged winged mythical beast resembling a dragon.  Wings and claws seem especially appropriate for this U.S.A.F.-inspired tool. New for 2013 is a military grade axe from the Ontario Knife Company called the Wyvern Crash Axe.  Robb Cass, OKS’s Director of Special Projects, told me that U.S.A.F. Pararescue Jumpers wanted an aircraft breaching and rescue tool for their load-out.  OKC came up with this variation on their SPAX axe that has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. Okay, we get the curved axe face for cutting.  On the backside of that is a pick for punching holes.  Once an aircraft skin is pierced, the other end … Continue reading

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Fox Knives FX-599 Ultimate Karambit

I love karambits.  Their extreme CQB capabilities are powerful when wielded with a knowing hand and mind.  In a clench, karambits’ fight stopping potential is off the charts.  I have a problem, though.  Most karambits don’t fit my hand.  I have small to medium mitts.  I loved the Emerson Combat Karambit I carried for a while, but in the end it was too large in the handle for me. I met the frenetic Lad Mandiola, Development Manager for TheUltimateKnife.com, hucking his wares at the Fox Knives booth Blade Show 2013 booth.  He was on fire–snapping open his orange karambit trainer and talking at 1.6093 kilometers in a sixtieth of an … Continue reading

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BladeArt.com Sells Black Site’s Carbon Fiber Chopsticks!

Who doesn’t need a chopstick that can withstand 500 degree Fahrenheit temps and about 1.8 million PSI of tensile stresses?  We are talkin’ about eating Pho in the most dangerous places, safely!  I saw these in BladeArt.com‘s showcase.  Black Site‘s weapons-grade chopsticks come with a baked-on food safe proprietary coating.  They are made from 100% solid carbon fiber that is Made and CNC Machined in the USA. The Hybrid are Black Site’s round cross-section chopsticks that measure 9″ long and taper from 0.3″ to 0.1″ for the last 4.5″ of the stick.  These are $75.00.  Fancy quadrangle (square at the large end) chopsticks are The MIB, which retail for $125.00.  … Continue reading

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Kramer Custom Knives

I met Eric Kramer in his Kramer Custom Knives booth at Blade Show 2013 and immediately I liked him.  He is, ahem, a younger guy and active duty U.S. Coast Guard.  Sometimes, I don’t just want to see a knife, I want to see what is in the mind of the man who makes it.  In Eric, I found a thoughtful tactician as a knife maker. Eric high-hollow grinds beefy 3/16th” S35VN blade stock into shape.  The premium S35VN has a small amount (.5%) of niobium, which gives the stainless steel much-increased toughness and edge holding abilities over S30V, current darling of the knife making world.  Textured G10 handle scales … Continue reading

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Trip to the 2013 Blade Show

For the last day and a half, I got to leave my DNA and fingerprints on an evidence room’s inventory of tactical knives at the 2013 Blade Show.  For a knife enthusiast, this is a much more enjoyable time than SHOT Show, where the edged tools’ manufacturers and makers get lost in the retail maelstrom.  The fun here was more in focus. I saw wayyy more knives than I could write about, but I think I picked out some interesting ones and hammered the shutter button on them.  Please be patient and I will get the articles scribed as soon as I can.  Below is a prototype I was able … Continue reading

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Blade Show & International Cutlery Fair 2013

I’m headed over one state to the 32nd Annual Blade Show & International Cutlery Fair at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta.  As you may have read, I like sharp thingies.  I’ll keep my eye out for anything new from the Law Enforcement/SWAT/Military point of view.  There will certainly be some products to see.  Be safe. Randall

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