3 Responses to The One-Ass-To-Risk Story

  1. j kenny says:

    learn something new every day. thanks a lot brother stay off the wall………..

  2. Fabio says:

    I heard a different version,from a scout journey from the native aborigen people and General Custer.Seaten bull had to guide General Custer to seize the Native aborigen rebel Crazy Horse.They were in a ops briefing the prior day.And the General Custer draw a 1* to named the order of ops..all of the sudden Seaten Bull asked the General what was that sign that he didn’t understand..General Custer told him: It is an asterisk.
    Next day Seaten Bull didn’t showed up.And after time they met him and asking what was the reason he didn’t showed up.The he replied,,I am not stupid,I didn’t came because I have only one ass to risk.
    Food for thought….Idk what is the true story then….who created as I read it in your post.Anyway..for the best and the braves.Greetings from Afghanistan.

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