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Testing First Tactical’s Executive Briefcase, Copperhead Knife, and Small Duty Light

After I had written an article about First Tactical’s new Diamondback folding knife, I was contacted by a company rep who asked if I would like to test and evaluate some of their products. Why, sure! While I was talking to the fellow on the phone, I was staring at my old, old Blackhawk travel bag that had been my daily carry for the last decade or two. Can I test one of your nylon bags? I asked. I went to the First Tactical™ website and perused their offerings. Not wanting to press for too much, I pitched him the idea of a T&E for a briefcase, small folding knife, … Continue reading

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Maxpedition Advanced Gear Research for 2016

It would appear that Maxpedition is ascending to the next level of carryalls with their Advanced Gear Research products for 2016.  There are six new bags and six accompanying pouches from the company.  The imbedded link has the press release info, detailed photos, and product features. Los Angeles, CA, January 11, 2016 – Maxpedition corporation debuts the Advanced Gear Research (AGR) line with 12 new styles at SHOT Show 2016, providing a glimpse into the future of the Maxpedition brand and its products. While the Maxpedition brand DNA of uncompromising durability is preserved, modernized aesthetics and a broadened palette of custom materials and components, elevate Maxpedition equipment to a new … Continue reading

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Hydrapak’s Durable First Wave Tactical Reservoir

I hate hydration bladders.  There I’ve said it.  You know you do, too.  Not that they aren’t a great way to haul around water when tucked inside a useful shoulder-mounted system.  It’s just that they are fragile, difficult to fill, and such a pain in the ass to properly clean and dry.  Who wants a mouth full of germy algae?  But I think you are going to really like the Hydrapak First Wave Tactical Reservoir. Time and again, I’ve watched water pouring down a SWAT guy’s back and legs after something punctured his hydration bladder.  Yeah, in training it is comical, but on a live call-out, it is serious.  Other … Continue reading

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New Mil-Spec Monkey Boss Beaver Pack

Mil-Spec Monkey had requests for a larger backpack following the popularity of his mid-sized MSM Adapt Pack.  The new Boss Beaver Pack combines a substantial main pack with an adjustable “beaver tail” pouch that can hold much larger, bulkier items.  The Monkey himself gives us a tour in the video. There are times when I have had to lug my Kevlar pot along with other pieces of equipment in a backpack.  The Boss Beaver would have gotten that task done, then later converted back to a more reasonable EDC-style bag.  Much versatility was incorporated into this design, what with its ability to stow larger objets de guerre.

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Off Duty First Aid Necessities

I was out on a hiking trail in California earlier in the day.  Yes, I am on vacation.  It occurred to me that there was something noticeably different about my fellow hikers and me.  Could it have to do with the large backpack that was absent on all but myself?  I had about six more miles to ponder this. As law enforcement officers, we are trained in first responder medicine, which nowadays means we also learn about tactical combat casualty care or TCCC. When I was preparing for this trip of day-long hikes, I included medical gear.  Not just for myself and my spouse, but in the event we ran … Continue reading

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Elite Survival Systems New Pulse Backpack

Tony at Elite Survival Systems gave me a tour of their new Pulse 24 hour backpack.  It is filled with great features, as you can see.  I put it on and immediately tried to trade it for the one I brought to SHOT Show.  Well, no rules against trying. The vented back panel and aluminum stiffening spine seem to keep the Pulse off one’s lower and mid-back, the spots where a loaded pack traps heat.  I know this happens because when I took off the backpack I was wearing to put on the Pulse, I was sweating under the load.  The Pulse, conversely, felt airy.

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Mil-Spec Monkey/Tactical Tailor Adapt Pack

I am sitting in Denver International Airport as I compose this, fresh out of a crowded TSA maelstrom, and awaiting my flight home.  I came out here several days ago to visit family in the Mile High City.  A new backpack had been sitting in my garage and I thought that a travel trip for its maiden voyage would wring out its versatility.  The carrier in question is a new Mil-Spec Monkey/Tactical Tailor Adapt Pack. The Monkey contracted with Tactical Tailor to build a lightweight, multifunctional backpack for either military, LE, or hard-use civilian demands.  The MSM Adapt Pack can be configured as a traditional two strap backpack, one strap … Continue reading

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Stormdrane’s Venom Mochibag

It should come as no surprise that The Original Mochibrand would call upon Stormdrane to collaborate on a custom drawstring backpack.  Stormdrane is a wizard at conjuring eye-pleasing and functional ropecraft.  His website has been in my blogroll since I started.  I am pretty sure that somewhere he has a magical staff bearing a paracord chain sinnet wrap secured by a Turk’s head knot above and below. Mochibrand, aka Mochibag, has been in the drawstring backpack business since 2009.  Their mission was to upscale the simple bag into a premium carryall with such features as their trademarked Channel-Anchored Drawstrings, Easy Pull-Open Handles, and a True Side-Seam Zip Pockets. Stormdrane’s limited … Continue reading

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UV Paqlite Scout Pack

Everyone should have an Uncle Vernon.  UV Paclite Company was founded by a father and daughter team who named their business after a wise old role model and protector of the family.  Uncle Vernon inspired generations of his kin to venture into the outdoors with safety in mind.  These lightweight, no-fail glowing “pack lights” echo his teachings. UV Paqlite sells products featuring natural strontium aluminate crystals that absorb, store, and reproduce light without the use of batteries, chemical reactions, or radioactive elements.  The company says their large crystals are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.  These glowing objects provide utility as nightlights, equipment markers, and safety beacons. For fun, I ordered a … Continue reading

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TSSI TACOPS New Active Response Breacher’s Kit

TSSI‘s Don Wright showed me their new TACOPS Active Response Breacher’s Kit.  It contains a very portable hammer, halogen tool, and bolt cutter, each of which can unfold and telescope to full size for added leverage.  The tools are carried in a rugged nylon sling bag so the officer or operator can quickly transition to a handgun or long rifle, if needed. This set of tools and bag was specifically designed for active shooter situations, where, with proper training, an officer can come on to a scene and have breaching capabilities that were formerly only available to a SWAT team.  The ARBK is small enough to ride unobtrusively in the … Continue reading

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Tactical Tailor Nylon MOLLE Archery Quiver

Back on 4/1/2013, ITS Tactical posted a new archery product from Zulu Nylon Gear called The MOLLE Quiver.  H.S.,L.D. for traditional weaponry.  When you clicked on the link–waaa, waaaa–it was an April Fools joke.  But after readers showed much interest in buying the actual quiver, Zulu started a FaceBook page for the product.  It has yet to be released. Having been a recurve bow archer for the last thirty years (on and off), I decided to get an inexpensive nylon MOLLE quiver of my own.  After surfing around and finding nothing to my liking, I settled on using a basic Tactical Tailor modular hydration pack.  I had written a review … Continue reading

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Tactical Tailor Urban Operator Backpack Review

I like gadgets and things in which to carry them.  Last year, I fairly assaulted SHOT Show 2012 wearing a Maxpedition Sitka in Khaki.   It was just too small for my burden then, and for 2013 I had since added a Canon DSLR.   Although a sling bag is easy to access, when filled with notebooks, pens, cameras, spare batteries, an iPad 2 and accessories, business cards, morale patches, product CD’s, press kits, Clif bars, water, Mil-Spec Monkey hoodie, and a daily burgeoning collection of swag (pirate booty), the distribution of weight in the oft-rotated bag could vex a loadmaster.  I needed a backpack.   Okay, another backpack.  Damn, … Continue reading

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BDS Tactical HydroBull Taurus Hydration Pack Review

I got tired of seeing tags inside my nylon gear that said, “Made in Some-Asian-Country-istan.”  I have been trying to throw my hard earned treasury notes at more products Made in our United States of America.  When I sought out a new hydration pack, I typed “Made in USA” into the all-knowing search engine. One of the top entries with which I was rewarded was BDS Tactical.  BDS makes high quality nylon gear in their production facility in Oceanside, CA.  The president and CEO of BDS Tactical is Michael Bornfriend, a USMC 1st Recon Bn and Baltimore PD veteran, who tired of failed tactical equipment. BDS Tactical makes a rugged … Continue reading

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L. A. Police Gear Jumbo Bail Out Bag Review

L. A. Police Gear (LAPG) is an on-line retailer catering to the law enforcement crowd.  I have been buying equipment from them for years.  LAPG has a product line of their very own that includes BDU pants, polo shirts, hats, backpacks, gear bags, and novelty items (think tactical ballistic nylon MOLLE-bearing Christmas stocking!). A prime attribute to LAPG brand products is the economical price point.  When I went looking for a new front seat equipment holder, I chose LAPG’s Jumbo Bail Out Bag. Back in the late 1980’s, I bought a small briefcase style piece of luggage to contain the everyday flotsam of gear that washes aboard the passenger compartment … Continue reading

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Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack–Concealed Carry Review

While vacationing, my wife and I regularly take long day hikes.  You may know I am a stalwart supporter of LEO’s carrying a firearm at all times, so the backpack I wear has to have good concealment and easy access for a handgun.  The Maxpedition Falcon II satisfies both attributes and more. Many backpacks and slingbags have adequate cargo space and useful features, but I went looking for a carry-all that could give me good ingress into a handgun compartment while the pack was worn on my back with both straps shouldered.  In other words, a quick draw without having to doff the bag. Years ago, I purchased a Maxpedition … Continue reading

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