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Elite Survival Systems New Pulse Backpack

Tony at Elite Survival Systems gave me a tour of their new Pulse 24 hour backpack.  It is filled with great features, as you can see.  I put it on and immediately tried to trade it for the one I brought to SHOT Show.  Well, no rules against trying. The vented back panel and aluminum stiffening spine seem to keep the Pulse off one’s lower and mid-back, the spots where a loaded pack traps heat.  I know this happens because when I took off the backpack I was wearing to put on the Pulse, I was sweating under the load.  The Pulse, conversely, felt airy.

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Hazard4 Launch-Pad Carrier for IPad Review

I think it may appear that I have a nylon fetish.  No, not that one.  I’m talking about ballistic nylon, found in gear bags, backpacks, equipment pouches, accessory holders, and gun holsters.  Last year, I cracked open my black nylon tri-fold badge wallet and bought an IPad2, which now needed something nylon-y to put it in. I have so many black nylon pouches in my black nylon gear bag that I can’t find anything in the dark.  Thusly I thought I should get an IPad carrier of a different color.  I picked out a coyote tan Launch-Pad case from Hazard4. Hazard4 is an offspring of Civilian Lab, LLC, that designs … Continue reading

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