GeePlate Finger Rest for Glocks

Way back in August of 2012, I wrote a review of the GAP Enterprises Finger Rest Extension for Glock pistols. I have since been told that their website is offline and the product has not been available for about a year. I was contacted by, who is now making a similar product shown here.

GeePlate stands for Glock Essential Enhancement magazine base Plate. Way back in 2012, I extolled the virtues of having an extra bit of purchase at the base of the magazine on the subcompact Glocks. The GeePlate provides this same function.

I am a fan of the old GAP floorplate and have used mine when carrying my G27 concealed. GeePlate will pick up where that product left off. The GeePlate is now available for the Glock 42, Glock 43, and Glock 26/27/33/39 Gen 3 – Gen 5. Check out the video below.



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