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Testing First Tactical’s Executive Briefcase, Copperhead Knife, and Small Duty Light

After I had written an article about First Tactical’s new Diamondback folding knife, I was contacted by a company rep who asked if I would like to test and evaluate some of their products. Why, sure! While I was talking to the fellow on the phone, I was staring at my old, old Blackhawk travel bag that had been my daily carry for the last decade or two. Can I test one of your nylon bags? I asked. I went to the First Tactical™ website and perused their offerings. Not wanting to press for too much, I pitched him the idea of a T&E for a briefcase, small folding knife, … Continue reading

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Elzetta Explains Flashlight Candela Vs. Lumens

Elzetta Tactical Lighting’s Dave Barnett explains light measurement by candela in this video.  He contrasts that with the measurement of lumens, which is another term you will see when buying a tactical flashlight.  A little knowledge is power. Dave is a solid guy and I have spoken to him many times at SHOT Show.  Their products have thoughtful design features.  We drove nails into a 2X4 with one of their Bravo models the first year I was at SHOT.  The flashlight still threw a perfect beam afterward and we were not the only ones to have beaten that particular sample!

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Adaptive Tactical’s NON-LITE Trainer Flashlight

Adaptive Tactical has forty years of experience in firearms accessory design and polymer engineering.  They have lines of box and rotary magazines for Mossberg shotguns, Ruger 10/22 barrels and stocks, and M4-style furniture for Mossberg and Remington shotguns.  Another product from Adaptive Tactical is their NON-LITE training aid. The NON-LITE is, shall we say, reminiscent of the Streamlight TRL weapon-mounted flashlight, but in solid polymer with no innards.  It protects your flashlight by acting as its stand-in during training evolutions so you don’t ding up the real deal.  Adaptive Tactical describes it this way:

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UV Paqlite Scout Pack

Everyone should have an Uncle Vernon.  UV Paclite Company was founded by a father and daughter team who named their business after a wise old role model and protector of the family.  Uncle Vernon inspired generations of his kin to venture into the outdoors with safety in mind.  These lightweight, no-fail glowing “pack lights” echo his teachings. UV Paqlite sells products featuring natural strontium aluminate crystals that absorb, store, and reproduce light without the use of batteries, chemical reactions, or radioactive elements.  The company says their large crystals are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.  These glowing objects provide utility as nightlights, equipment markers, and safety beacons. For fun, I ordered a … Continue reading

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Raven Concealment Systems ModuLoader

Raven Concealment Systems has come out with a product that made me think, “Duh!”  Raven’s ModuLoader Pocket Shield is perfect for the discreet carry of knives and other like equipment.  There are times that I would prefer to hide my blade, especially when in dress or business casual clothes.  A metal knife clip dragging on the pocket edge of an expensive pair of slacks will not do. I ordered a Pocket Shield primarily for knife carry.  It arrived packaged with a nifty Raven sticker, a short length of small nylon cord, and six Chicago screws for affixing accessories.  I ordered a gray Pocket Shield instead of black, well, just because … Continue reading

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Flashlight Terminology by Elzetta Tactical Lights

Dave Barnett from Elzetta Tactical Lighting explains some of the light output terminology you might use to decide whether or not to buy a flashlight for duty use.  Dave has informed and entertained us in their SHOT Show booth for several years.  They make solid lights and mounts here in the USA.  Check out their products. Randall

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New Kel-Tec CL-43 Flashlight

This is an image of the new Kel-Tec CL-43 flashlight that is a handheld aluminum-bodied, LED offering from the Cocoa, Florida gunmaker. The CL-43 boasts 420 lumens from a Cree XP-G LED emitter, running off three CR123 batteries. A rearward clicking button at the midpoint of the light switches the light-emitting diode on and off. I was aghast when I saw this photo. Kel-Tec says, “The switch is operated like the trigger of a gun…” Sympathetic reflex activity in the dominant hand could easily lead to a negligent discharge in this grip. I see what they are trying to accomplish from an ergonomic standpoint, but under stress I believe this … Continue reading

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Police Technology. Meh.

There have been many technological changes in the last quarter century that have made the copper’s job…different.  Not always better, but certainly not the same. When I started out, our duty belts held a .38 cal. revolver (S&W M64), 2 HKS speedloaders, large Motorola MT500 portable radio, handcuffs, and rings for a full-length Monadnock PR-24 sidehandle baton and Mag-Lite.  My agency made the switch to Smith & Wesson 669 9mm semi-automatics pistols in 1987. The firepower on a patrolman’s belt has definitely increased.  We got hi-cap magazines for the S&W autoloader that topped off at 15 rounds.  Forty-six rounds of 9mm sure beat 18 slow-to-reload wheelgun shots.  My issued handgun … Continue reading

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Bushnell HD Torch Flashlight Review

I have to start off by saying that this new flashlight by Bushnell Corporation is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in a while.  While it’s not the actual flashlight itself that is so neat, the mesmerizing beam it produces is.  This round metal tube makes square light! The HD Torch is a medium-sized aluminum body LED flashlight.  It measures 9 1/4” long and weighs 9.8 ounces loaded up with 2 CR123 batteries.  The head diameter is 1 5/8” and the body is 1 ¼” across. Activated by a tail cap on-off switch, this flashlight also has a side button toggles between constant on, strobe mode, and off.  … Continue reading

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Affordable Maratac LED Flashlight from County Comm

County Comm Government Products Group, a California tactical retailer, sells some interesting and unique items.   One of their signature lines of product is Maratac.  The Maratac brand includes tactical nylon gear and flashlights. I purchased two of County Comm’s Maratac AA Extreme flashlights on-line.  My intent was to put one in both my wife’s and my personal cars.  I thought a sale price of $35.95 for each was excellent, given the many features of the light. The MSRP is still good at $41.95. The AA Extreme is an aluminum-bodied light finished in black or OD green Type 3 military grade anodizing.  The R2 light-emitting diode (LED) generates either 120 … Continue reading

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