Affordable Maratac LED Flashlight from County Comm

County Comm Government Products Group, a California tactical retailer, sells some interesting and unique items.   One of their signature lines of product is Maratac.  The Maratac brand includes tactical nylon gear and flashlights.

I purchased two of County Comm’s Maratac AA Extreme flashlights on-line.  My intent was to put one in both my wife’s and my personal cars.  I thought a sale price of $35.95 for each was excellent, given the many features of the light. The MSRP is still good at $41.95.

The AA Extreme is an aluminum-bodied light finished in black or OD green Type 3 military grade anodizing.  The R2 light-emitting diode (LED) generates either 120 lumens on high or 1.5 lumens on the low setting.  Runtime for the single AA battery is 2 hours (high) and 225 hours (low). This makes the light versatile in the field or around the house.

The flashlight has a tail cap switch that clicks on and off, and is soft-touched when on to cycle to the low setting.  The light has knurling for good purchase.  There is a small hole in the end if you wish to thread in your own lanyard ring.  The unit now comes with a small white diffuser for softer area light.

Because of the small diameter of the AA battery, the barrel is able to have a raised ring shape to allow for a syringe grip on the light if used in a Rogers flashlight technique.  I’ll scribble up a primer with my take of low light tactics down the road.

So what does all this mean?  The Maratac LED flashlight has options of the best small tactical lights without the high price.  Lots of light, long runtime, off-the-shelf batteries, and solid construction, coupled with an entry-level price, make this a great buy.

If I had to come up with any negatives, it would be the lack of a momentary on-off for the switch.  I find the momentary feature very necessary during search work, but a lack of it does not detract from the light in general utility use.  Both flashlights have found homes in my gloveboxes.

I had an ordering SNAFU that resulted in me being shipped two of the Maratac AAA Extreme flashlights by mistake (Mike Burton at County Comm made my order right in the end).  I got to check out these smaller versions that had similar features to the AA light.  I was not disappointed.  The Rev 2 version of the AAA light now puts out 115 lumens.  That’s a lot of light for a tiny package.

The Maratac flashlights performed exactly as advertised.  I was a happy, frugal consumer as I felt I had hunted down a good bargain.


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