Felon Fires Shots at Indianapolis Officer’s Home

imageFor those of you with take home police cars, be aware of an incident at 0230 hrs this morning.  A purported Black Lives Matter supporter fired 17 9mm bullets at the home and police cruiser of  an Indianapolis Metro officer.  Fortunately, the LEO and his family were unharmed.

The suspect, who was wearing a shirt that said “F*#k the Police” and “Black Lives Matter,” shouted that he hated the police.  The officer had previously arrested the suspect, who did two stints in prison, for a firearms charge.

With violence escalating against law enforcement, we need to be vigilant and protect our families.  If that means forgoing an assigned police car in your front yard, then make that choice if you need to.  There were times my marked K9 car brought unwelcome attention to my house, but nothing like this.

I can only imagine that the IMPD officer will relocate, an expensive and difficult proposition.  My heart goes out to him and his loved ones.


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