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UV Paqlite Scout Pack ProductsEveryone should have an Uncle Vernon.  UV Paclite Company was founded by a father and daughter team who named their business after a wise old role model and protector of the family.  Uncle Vernon inspired generations of his kin to venture into the outdoors with safety in mind.  These lightweight, no-fail glowing “pack lights” echo his teachings.

UV Paqlite sells products featuring natural strontium aluminate crystals that absorb, store, and reproduce light without the use of batteries, chemical reactions, or radioactive elements.  The company says their large crystals are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.  These glowing objects provide utility as nightlights, equipment markers, and safety beacons.

For fun, I ordered a combination set called the Scout Pack.  It had entry-level items intended for a Boy Scout. (I may have been called one during my career.)  The UV Paqlite Scout Pack contains a 4″ GloStik, 1 1/2″ Round UVO Necklace bead, 6″ Tooblite, and flat 6″ x 8″ UV Paqlite.  When the products arrived, I quickly found some uses for them.

UV Paqlite BrightDuring a burglary surveillance, I placed the 6″ x 8″ Paqlite in my utility bag on the passenger seat of my unmarked.  I tote all manner of spare gear in the bag, but since it and most of its contents are either black or sheathed in black ballistic nylon, finding anything in the dark can be a frustrating scavenger hunt.

UV Paqlite StakeoutWhile the UV Paqlite did not illuminate the entire interior of the bag, it backlit a spare holstered Glock and magazines next to me.  This was a huge comfort, since my primary concealed carry gun was a little less accessible while I was seated in the car for the duration of the stakeout.  I will be using this technique again.

Back at home, I have a G23 with light and extended mag in my nightstand.  Placing any of the UV Paqlites in the drawer next to the gun allows me to find my home defender more quickly in the dark.  If I deposit the Paqlite on the nightstand during the day and replace it in the drawer at night, it provides plenty of useful illumination until dawn.

UV Paqlite drawerOn a recent trip out of state, the 4″ GloStik went in my backpack (backpack review upcoming).  Clipped to the PALS webbing in the sun, the GloStik powered up nicely for later activities when Ole Sol receded.  I found the UV Paqlites recharge with a minute in outdoor light, a few minutes exposed to indoor lighting, and just a few seconds when blasted with an LED flashlight.

UV Paqlite MSM Adapt PackIn an unfamiliar room, I positioned my IPhone on top of the 6″ x 8″ Paqlite and I felt I could locate the cell phone with ease as I slept.  The glow from all the items seems very bright initially, but dims over time.  They are best seen as your night vision takes over.    My photo disclaimer is that the glow is, of course, exaggerated by the camera exposure in the pictures.  Nevertheless, when your eyes are adjusted, the light is very visible.

UV Paqlite Scout PackThe flat 6″ x 8″ Paqlite has the crystals vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag, then double-bagged in a second.  This makes the pack puncture resistant and pliable.  A hole and small breakaway chain allow it to be hung in a tent or dark room.  The remaining products I received encase the crystals in hard resin.  Each has a hole for cord or lanyard carry.

UV Paqlites are Made in the USA.  There are variations such as Scooblites for scuba divers and UV Matlites that are durable panels that can be mounted in RV’s or on nightstands.  UV Paqlite states that the glowing capability of their products does not degrade with time and that they are reusable indefinitely.  The passive lights are rugged and inexpensive–my Scout Pack cost me $20.00 plus shipping.  The UV Paqlite itself is $8.50.

UV Paqlite Dog GlowAs an outdoorsman in the western United States, Uncle Vernon advocated preparedness against changing weather conditions and dangerous backcountry situations.  Family vehicles received a well-stocked “Uncle Vernon’s Survival Kit.”  I am certain he would pack away some of these glow lights in his own kit with a satisfied grin on his face.



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