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Aaron on SHOT Show Handguns

Randall, I missed you at SHOT this year.  I was able to shoot the Kimber K6s and was so glad I did.  Though compact, and just a little short for a meaty grip, the K6s still felt good in my hands.  The sights are a bit low profile, but I was still able to obtain a sight picture rather quickly. Now for the best part.  The trigger is absolutely amazing!  Literally the most smooth DA revolver trigger I’ve ever laid finger on.  I’m not as big a revolver shooter as many, but I have had the opportunity to spin several wheel guns.  This trigger was the best, by far, without … Continue reading

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Point Blank/Paraclete Shields at SHOT Show

Mike from Point Blank Enterprises demonstrates some of the features of their new Paraclete brand Phalanx shield.  Paraclete also had several other new models with upgrades.  Below are the specs for the Phalanx: Level IIIA+ protection Lightweight (24” x 36” with viewport) is only 20 lbs. 100% Boltless System Larger, more functional view port Wider ballistic protection at top V – shape added strength to the entire center length of the shield Three weapon mount platform on both sides Accurate handgun and long – gun deployment Better view at 12 o’clock and conversely when held inverted 6 o’clock position Mitigates ricochets and diverts away from center 3 important components offered … Continue reading

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Taurus Curve at SHOT Show

At SHOT Show 2015, I was able to leave my fingerprints on a Taurus Curve.  No, Taurus Manufacturing did not unveil the new .380 ACP pistol at Industry Day at the Range.  We had to settle for examining the firing pin-less version on the show floor.  Well, if you are going to set it on a peg, I will pick it up. I have to say that as soon as I had the Curve in a shooting grip, my face twisted in an unpleasant way.  Let me preface the next remarks with assurances to you that I have handled many, many handguns in my last 34 adult years.  Holding the … Continue reading

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Elite Survival Systems New Pulse Backpack

Tony at Elite Survival Systems gave me a tour of their new Pulse 24 hour backpack.  It is filled with great features, as you can see.  I put it on and immediately tried to trade it for the one I brought to SHOT Show.  Well, no rules against trying. The vented back panel and aluminum stiffening spine seem to keep the Pulse off one’s lower and mid-back, the spots where a loaded pack traps heat.  I know this happens because when I took off the backpack I was wearing to put on the Pulse, I was sweating under the load.  The Pulse, conversely, felt airy.

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Kimber Micro Raptor at SHOT Show 2015

Got a minute? Randall

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New Ruger Handguns at SHOT Show 2015 Industry Day

Sturm, Ruger & Co. had a few changes to existing platforms at SHOT this year.  Their LCR was chambered in 9mm for some increased potency while retaining its mainstream shootability.  To bolster accuracy, the LCP was granted front and rear sights.  To show off this model, one of the Ruger reps said they intentionally made the skeletonized aluminum trigger in anodized “Ruger red.” I found the 9mm LCR to be very controllable.  As always, it is pleasant to fire.  Since it is not nearly as hammering to the hand as its .357 counterpart, I think this 9mm ballistics upgrade from .38 Spl. will be popular.  I thought the 9mm felt … Continue reading

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German Sport Guns Will Make an MP40 in 9mm!

German Sport Guns GmbH proudly announced at SHOT Show 2015 that they will manufacture a 9 x 19mm version of their MP40 Schmeisser steel replica.  The MP40 is the infamous World War II German submachine gun that GSG currently sells in .22 LR.  Chambered for 9mm, the sub gun will return to its roots. I appreciate German engineering and I am as fond of my little BMW 3 series as I was my Heckler & Koch MP-5.  The closest I have come to shooting a Schmeisser is in the Call of Duty video game series.  I would love to have one of these subs in 9mm. The rep at SHOT … Continue reading

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Shooting a Korth Sky Marshal at SHOT Show

The first booth for which I stood in line at SHOT Show’s 2015 Industry Day at the Range was Korth GmbH.  You know that I love revolvers and I just had to bust some Teutonic caps in the Korth Sky Marshal in 9mm that we heard about a few weeks back. In the video above, I shot my first six shots.  I did get to shoot more; they were just not on “tape.”  My impressions of the gun were that it was a very easy shooting, comfortable handgun.  At 19.75 ounces, the Sky Marshal is two ounces lighter than a Glock 26, but the revolver feels a little more stable … Continue reading

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More Photos from Industry Day at the Range 2015

I thought you might enjoy some random photographs from Industry Day at the Range. Standard Manufacturing’s DP-12 double-barreled pump action shotguns lined up. Michael Bane films a segment for Shooting Gallery at the Korth display.

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SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range 2015

SHOT Show has renamed Media Day to Industry Day at the Range.  Invited media (yes, I was) are allowed into the Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Club at 8:30 a.m.  Other invited industry members (buyers, dealers, distributors, and retailers) are welcomed at noon.  Media are allowed to stay until the event’s closing at 4:30. I was told that of the 2,500 media members granted press passes, only 1,000 were allowed into Industry Day.  It certainly seemed less crowded this morning. Unlike past years, remembering the 2013 battle with frostbite, this year’s weather was very mild, indeed.  It was in the low 50’s when I arrived then warmed up to nearly … Continue reading

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ThinBlueFlorida on Facebook

I finally decided to join the last decade and start a Facebook page for  I am doing this in hopes of providing some quick photos and show floor updates for you during SHOT Show 2015. The Facebook page will have a bit of its own original content.  I will also be putting up links to some of my more popular or personal favorite archived articles from ThinBlueFlorida, in case you missed them or have just joined us here.  If you are at SHOT Show this year, send me a Facebook message or an email and we can find time to say hello. My flight to McCarran leaves early tomorrow.  … Continue reading

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SHOT Show 2015 Coming Up!

It is that time of year again to pack up the camera, notepad, and pen to head out for SHOT Show.  Plane, hotel, and vacation time are booked.  Someone else can do my job while I play media member for most of a week. There is not quite the same buzz about new handguns as there was last year.  That said, a rumor is clandestinely swirling about that Glock will announce a single stack 9mm pistol this year which will be similar in size to last year’s runaway G42.  I will be scampering down to the Glock area on Monday’s Media (now Industry) Day to see if the new model … Continue reading

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Korth 9mm Sky Marshal Revolver is Moon-Clipless

Korth of Germany is introducing a 9mm revolver at SHOT Show 2015 that will not use clips to hold the bullets.  It will be called the Sky Marshal.  I copied the specs off of the Korth website for you.  They are in German, which I took in college but can’t really remember that well, but I typed in some gram and millimeter translations which appear in red at the right. Spezifikation: Sky Marshal Kaliber: 9mm Luger (NATO Standard), 6 Schuss  (schuss=shot) Gewicht: 560 g    (19.75 ounces weight) Höhe: 157 mm      (6.18 inches high) Länge: 130 mm    (5.12 inches long) Breite: 39mm       (1.54 inches width) Lauflänge: 50,8mm (2 Zoll)  (barrel length … Continue reading

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New 2015 Glock Models Leaked

Kiesler Police Supply has published photographs on their Facebook page of four new optics-ready Glock models, ahead of their SHOT Show 2015 release.  Based upon Gen4 frames, the latest Glocks are the G34 (9mm), G35 (.40 cal), G41 (.45 ACP), and the G40 Hunter (in the mighty 10mm Auto for bringing down…Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers). While the G34, G35, and G41 appear to have the 5.3″ barrel we shot on the G41 Practical Tactical last year at SHOT, my eye says the G40 Hunter is sporting a 6″ barrel.  I can’t wait to play with these at the Boulder City Range. Randall  

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Smith & Bradley Sans-13 Watch Review

The Sans-13 from Smith & Bradley Watches is intended for law enforcement and tactical military personnel.  Jerommie Smith and Ryan Bradley are the Sidney, Illinois founders of the brand.  As their first watch, the Sans-13 was designed with input from those who would be the end users–cops and soldiers.  Jerommie is a Police K9 Handler and Ryan is an attorney.  I met them both earlier this year at SHOT Show and I can vouch for their genuine passion about timepieces. Shortly after SHOT, I bought a Sans-13 from their website.  Since then, I have worn this watch from the drudgery of desk work to search warrant services to dicey homicide … Continue reading

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