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Aaron on SHOT Show Handguns

Randall, I missed you at SHOT this year.  I was able to shoot the Kimber K6s and was so glad I did.  Though compact, and just a little short for a meaty grip, the K6s still felt good in my hands.  The sights are a bit low profile, but I was still able to obtain a sight picture rather quickly. Now for the best part.  The trigger is absolutely amazing!  Literally the most smooth DA revolver trigger I’ve ever laid finger on.  I’m not as big a revolver shooter as many, but I have had the opportunity to spin several wheel guns.  This trigger was the best, by far, without … Continue reading

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Long Range Police Marksmanship Part Two

(Ed. Note:  Aaron is a sworn LEO and SWAT cop in another state.  He frequently comments here at TBF and is an editor at  The following was originally sent as a comment to my article Long Range Police Marksmanship, but I felt it should stand alone as a post.  Welcome Aaron!) The mindset that the pistol cannot be used beyond 25 yards permeates the law enforcement community, and is a dangerous and ignorant concept.  It is true that a pistol is often not as easy to maintain accuracy at longer shots because of the lack of a solid supporting position, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be effective, … Continue reading

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