S.L. Variant Revolver Speedloader

The Longwitz S.L. Variant Speedloader, which is available from Bobby Mac’s Holsters in the U.S. or Sportshooter.de, is an excellent product for reloading the revolver.  They have a positive hold on the bullets and will not release in a pocket or pouch.  At $30.00 a piece, they are a little pricey, but, hey, how many do you really need?

HKS, left. S.L. Variant, right.

Available for .38/.357 cal. revolvers with 5, 6, and 7 (no, not eight) round cylinders, the S.L. Variant is my speedloader of choice.  Though I like the HKS ones and Safariland Comp III’s, these just work best for me.

Update 4/4/2015:  This is a response by Bobby Mac himself to a YouTube video about the S.L. Variant approximately six months ago:

Just to clarify a few items… For starters, yes we are the only source in the US we obtained the exclusive rights for CONUS.

They are still being made (when the owner “feels” like it) I am at his mercy…. My last order was over $20k US and sold out in 1 1/2 days, it’s not my fault they don’t stay in Stock? Sorry…

I also don’t make much on them, I am a holster maker and have no interest in selling other people’s products but had the chance to get these so did, because I love them personally and as a courtesy to my regular customers as well as other revolver enthusiasts…

As for the “chain” or “form” letter…. Nope, I answer each one personally…. However, 90% of folks not only get mad when they do not have immediate gratification but they fail to read the frequently asked questions as well as the notices on our site… Which clearly states we have no definitive answer as to when we will get more, etc. It also asked that we are not contacted in regards to speed loaders as all the questions are answered on the website. Unfortunately there are some people who after all that still believe the FAQ’s and notices do not apply to them and they should call our phones 20 times a day 6 days a week and or email us a dozen times anyway.

With that said, we have made every effort possible to notify folks of what’s going on? We are extremely busy making holsters for folks who have been waiting a long time; as a result it becomes really difficult and aggravating to stop and answer an email or a phone call about something we’ve asked not to be bothered about, as there is no “other” / or secret information that anyone will get. More importantly every interruption takes time away from building our holsters.

My apologies for using your channel as a messaging board, but I wanted to “again” explain the situation…

We/I am at the mercy of Germany and have Zero control over receiving the speed loaders… Which is why we decided to make our own in the United States however to avoid copyright and patents we have to change 30% of the product which is what we’re working on now…

I found some for sale on an online store, Sportshooter.de in Germany.

The German manufacturer, Longwitz, can be reached here:

Longwitz HarDia
Werkzeuge, BiegelhofstraBe 15, 74924
Neckarbischofsheim, Deutschland
Tel:07268/719; Fax: 07628/8753


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