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Riggs Shield for Mobile Police Protection

This week, one of my detectives, who has a relative in law enforcement product sales, brought a ballistic shield to work that was specifically designed for vehicle ambush protection by California Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Riggs.  It is called the Riggs Shield and was conceived after one of Riggs’ partners was attacked in his cruiser. The Riggs Shield mounts on the inside of the driver’s door of a police car and is quickly and easily removed in the event the officer is attacked while seated.  By grabbing the handle and pushing the shield forward and up, it pulls away for immediate use. Rated at NIJ Ballistics Level IIIa and Stab Level … Continue reading

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Terrorists and Cops Part Two

Two weeks ago, I wrote about terrorism migrating to our shores in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.  Then came the ISIS-inspired San Bernardino massacre.  Sadly, a homegrown extremist shooting occurred sooner than anyone thought would.  Local, state, and federal agencies responded swiftly to contain and extinguish the threat in SoCal. One of my colleagues complained Thursday that many departments have a “it won’t happen here” attitude toward agency preparedness.  He suggested more active shooter, tactical combat casualty care, and improvised explosive device training for all officers.  I would listen to him.  He has experience as a U.S. Army explosive ordinance disposal technician and combat medic.  Yeah, he’s seen the … Continue reading

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Point Blank/Paraclete Shields at SHOT Show

Mike from Point Blank Enterprises demonstrates some of the features of their new Paraclete brand Phalanx shield.  Paraclete also had several other new models with upgrades.  Below are the specs for the Phalanx: Level IIIA+ protection Lightweight (24” x 36” with viewport) is only 20 lbs. 100% Boltless System Larger, more functional view port Wider ballistic protection at top V – shape added strength to the entire center length of the shield Three weapon mount platform on both sides Accurate handgun and long – gun deployment Better view at 12 o’clock and conversely when held inverted 6 o’clock position Mitigates ricochets and diverts away from center 3 important components offered … Continue reading

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RAMP–Rapid Access Magazine Pod Review

When I cruise the vendors’ displays at SWAT Round-Up International, I look for new products.  About three-quarters of the way down the north aisle, I saw something that made me pause:  an AR-15 mag pouch that had the magazine…upside down.  Well, I had to stop and chat with the folks at CEO Doug Mullen is the inventor of the RAMP, or Rapid Access Magazine Pod.  Doug’s military experience and work as a civilian defense contractor led him to ask, “Why are we still carrying rifle magazines the same way we did in WWI?”  In examining the ergonomics of a magazine change, Doug figured out something innovative. The patent pending … Continue reading

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BulletSafe Vest Vs. .50 AE Desert Eagle

I met Tom Nardone, owner of BulletSafe Body Armor, at SHOT Show earlier this year.  I wrote an article about BulletSafe’s extremely cost effective $299.00 Level IIIA body armor for (BulletSafe on BlueSheepdog).  Above is a video of this vest taking on a .50 Action Express caliber from a Desert Eagle.  The .50 AE can be loaded very hot.  The bullet used here is a Magnum Research 350 grain JSP. states the specs for the Magnum Research .50 AE in 350 grain put it at 1,270 FPS, delivering 1,253 FPE at the muzzle.  While this is far below the punch given by the .454 Casull, .460 S&W Magnum, … Continue reading

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L.A.P.D. Approves Shellback Plate Carrier

Shellback Tactical has announced that its Made in USA AGGRESSOR plate carrier in black has been approved for duty use by the Los Angeles Police Department.  The MSRP for the AGGRESSOR is $179.99.  The pouches and mags not included. Randall   NOW – L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department) Approved The AGGRESSOR Plate Carrier is integrated with several features. The AGGRESSOR Carrier challenges the status quo in Law Enforcement plate carriers. This carrier was designed from the ground up with the patrol officer or tactical operator in mind. Ideal to be worn as an outer plate carrier/ tactical vest with rifle hard armor plates. The carrier has integrated front and back … Continue reading

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Tactical Medical Solutions Uniformed Medical Kit

Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. provides products and training resources for both combat and tactical medical applications.   Their Uniformed Medical Kit allows a police officer to carry vital medical supplies beneath his or her uniform shirt.  The pouch attaches with hook side Velcro™ to the loop field on the adjustable strap area of concealed body armor.  More loop material on the front of the UMK is available for the strap ends to affix. Tactical Medical Solutions gives the following benefits to the UMK: Central placement provides the officer instant, ambidextrous access to

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Armored Mobility Inc. Rapid Response Carrier and SAPI3 Plate Review

My agency responded to an active shooter in the workplace last week.  Shots were fired.  Hundreds of workers, fearing the worst, hid in their offices.  There were gunfire injuries to a civilian.  Our PD response was swift and decisive.  The shooter was arrested.  Afterward, some of my co-workers expressed a desire to upgrade their patrol load out to include a critical incident vest.  I could not help but give them my opinion on the importance of armor and ammo. I currently have an Armored Mobility Inc. (AMI) Rapid Response Carrier with two AMI SAPI3 plates in the CVPI trunk while on duty.  Armor–check.  Multiple AR-15  and Sig magazines.  Ammo–check. Since … Continue reading

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Tough Hook Kickstarter Project

Through a friend, I was put in contact with Tarik Lazri.  He is a former U.S. Army soldier who has an idea for a heavy duty hanger and transporter for body armor.  Lazri told me of his frustrations with hanging up his plate carriers and body armor in stints in Iraq and as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan.  I said, “You should see the makeshift hand-twisted coat hanger nightmares holding ballistic vests in our police locker room.”  He replied, “Exactly!” When I met with Lazri and he showed me his patented I-beam-inspired Tough Hook.  It was thick and sturdy with turned up ends to keep the straps in place.  It … Continue reading

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Transparent Ballistic Shields by AP&T International

At SWAT Round-Up’s vendor area, I spied a product with which I am very familiar—transparent shields!  I stopped at the booth and met with David Malouff, AP&T International’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing.  We have been using AP&T’s 11” X 16” Level IIIa handheld transparent shields on operations for over 12 years.  I told Malouff we were very happy with their attributes and performance. AP&T International is a corporation that specializes in ballistic protection through the use of their proprietary transparent material that is H.P. White Laboratory tested for ballistic integrity and compliance to current NIJ Level IIa through IV standards. The advantages to a transparent shield are obvious.  … Continue reading

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Shooting a Venture Ballistics Level III Shield

In a earlier article, I talked about visiting the Venture Ballistic Composites manufacturing facility.  I was given a few test shields by Venture President Todd Garrett.  He also “loaned” me a Level III shield from one of their upcoming projects.  He encouraged us to shoot it.  So we did. On the range, we fired two .308 Winchester Federal Match Grade 168 grain BTHP bullets and an American Eagle 5.56 X 45 FMJ at a Venture Ballistics Level III blank.  The distance was 25 yards.  The .308’s were fired by a Springfield Armory M14.  The 5.56 was shot from an Adams Arms AR-15.  The firing order was .308, 5.56, and .308.  … Continue reading

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Visit to Venture Ballistic Composites Shield Factory

I was in Pinellas County yesterday to visit the manufacturing plant for Venture Ballistic Composites, Inc., a maker of  bullet-resistant shields for law enforcement and the Military.  Venture’s President Todd Garrett talked shop and showed me their proprietary method for building ballistic shields.  He even demonstrated this by building one from the ground up while I was there.  Very cool!  No photos, please–trade secrets. Venture Ballistics is a strongly anchored Florida company that uses American made products and buys from vendors within 50 miles of the shop.  Garrett said their aim is to produce shields which exceed NIJ standards for protection, are lightweight, and are affordable.  In the first year … Continue reading

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M.R.A.P.S. Level III Ballistic Shield for SWAT

I was having lunch with some SWAT officers from an adjacent agency during a break in training a few weeks ago.  We regularly cross-train with other local tactical teams to share info and problem solve.  While we were talking equipment, they said they had just purchased several rifle-rated ballistic shields.  When I asked which make, they said, “M.R.A.P.S.” I had seen the M.R.A.P.S. Level III shield at SHOT Show 2011.  Baker Ballistics, LLC manufactures the shield.  Baker Ballistics’ Director and CEO, Rick Armellino, gave the BlueSheepdog crew and me a demonstration of the capabilities of their Mobile Rifle Armor Protective Shield on the show floor. I was pretty jazzed about … Continue reading

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Futuristic Plate Frame from S&S Precision

At the SOFIC Show, S&S Precision had their new Plate Frame on display.  It is eye-catching in its high technology look and design.  The Plate Frame itself is a thermally molded polymer that snaps on to the ballistic armor.  The Frame is skeletonized to reduce weight.  Its lattice also provide multiple mounting points. The Plate Frame is manufactured to fit on specific brand and models of armor plates, but S&S Precision plans to provide frames sized for all popular types of armor..  The plates themselves must be environmentally sealed, especially if used in a maritime context, since the frame does not enclose the plate. The harness system of the Plate … Continue reading

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St. Petersburg Police Field DeadStop Equalizer Police Shields

I was over in St. Petersburg last week and got to see their brand new DeadStop Equalizer Police Shields that were distributed to supervisors less than a month ago.  As you can see, the protective plastic sheets are still over the viewing window. Made by LCOA Composites, Inc, the DeadStop Equalizer is a NIJ level IIIa ballistic shield with a nice array of features, the most prominent of which is the ultra light weight.  The Equalizer shown above clocks in at 15 pounds for the 24″ X 40″ intermediate coverage shield.  DeadStop calls their composite formulation Feather Plate armor technology. I really liked the ergonomics of the Equalizer’s grab handle.  … Continue reading

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