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SWAT Round-Up 2013 Video Courtesy of Venture Ballistics

http://cf.cdn.vid.ly/r1h8r2/mp4.mp4   Todd Garrett over at Venture Ballistic Composites sent me this cool video of the SWAT Round-Up 2013 competition.  It captures the events’ preparation and perspiration.  If you competed this year or visited the SRI, you might see yourself in the movie.  Check it out.  Thanks, Mr. Garrett! Randall

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Venture Ballistics Introduces New Active Shooter Shields

In addition to watching last Tuesday’s event at SWAT Round-Up International 2013, I trolled the vendors’ show looking for new things.  I ran across Todd Garrett at the Venture Ballistic Composites booth.  Mr. Garrett chose to introduce their new line of Active Shooter shields at this year’s SRI. Named an AS-3 or AS-3A, Venture Ballistics’ new models are either NIJ Level III or IIIa.  They come in 16″ X 20″ (short) or 16″ X 28″ (regular).  These shields are very mobile and afford good coverage to the user’s torso.  The AS-3A short is specifically designed to give protection in or out of a vehicle.

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Shooting a Venture Ballistics Level III Shield

In a earlier article, I talked about visiting the Venture Ballistic Composites manufacturing facility.  I was given a few test shields by Venture President Todd Garrett.  He also “loaned” me a Level III shield from one of their upcoming projects.  He encouraged us to shoot it.  So we did. On the range, we fired two .308 Winchester Federal Match Grade 168 grain BTHP bullets and an American Eagle 5.56 X 45 FMJ at a Venture Ballistics Level III blank.  The distance was 25 yards.  The .308’s were fired by a Springfield Armory M14.  The 5.56 was shot from an Adams Arms AR-15.  The firing order was .308, 5.56, and .308.  … Continue reading

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Visit to Venture Ballistic Composites Shield Factory

I was in Pinellas County yesterday to visit the manufacturing plant for Venture Ballistic Composites, Inc., a maker of  bullet-resistant shields for law enforcement and the Military.  Venture’s President Todd Garrett talked shop and showed me their proprietary method for building ballistic shields.  He even demonstrated this by building one from the ground up while I was there.  Very cool!  No photos, please–trade secrets. Venture Ballistics is a strongly anchored Florida company that uses American made products and buys from vendors within 50 miles of the shop.  Garrett said their aim is to produce shields which exceed NIJ standards for protection, are lightweight, and are affordable.  In the first year … Continue reading

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