Shooting a Venture Ballistics Level III Shield

In a earlier article, I talked about visiting the Venture Ballistic Composites manufacturing facility.  I was given a few test shields by Venture President Todd Garrett.  He also “loaned” me a Level III shield from one of their upcoming projects.  He encouraged us to shoot it.  So we did.

On the range, we fired two .308 Winchester Federal Match Grade 168 grain BTHP bullets and an American Eagle 5.56 X 45 FMJ at a Venture Ballistics Level III blank.  The distance was 25 yards.  The .308’s were fired by a Springfield Armory M14.  The 5.56 was shot from an Adams Arms AR-15.  The firing order was .308, 5.56, and .308.  There was zero penetration of the panel.  The two stills at the end are the 5.56 and second .308 impact area showing no failure of the armor.

Several days later, we took the panel back to Venture and Mr. Garrett dug in to do an autopsy of the shield.  Both .308’s were stopped with more than half the ballistic material still intact.  Needless to say, we were very happy with its performance.


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