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End of an Era: They Destroyed My H&K MP5

This week, a vendor came to my police department to trade out our Heckler & Koch MP5’s. We had fielded 12 of these little subguns for 29 years. Our then-City Commission approved their purchase following an active shooter in Palm … Continue reading

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GeePlate Finger Rest for Glocks

Way back in August of 2012, I wrote a review of the GAP Enterprises Finger Rest Extension for Glock pistols. I have since been told that their website is offline and the product has not been available for about a … Continue reading

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Back to the Police Belt Knife

Back in the Dark Ages of the 1980’s, when I was a rookie, there was pretty much one standard knife carried by police officers and that was the now-venerable Buck 110. Along with a revolver, the sturdy lock back folder … Continue reading

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Just Out For a Jog…

My exercise regimen includes running through my neighborhood. Being outside for a workout adds to its relative enjoyment. Hey, it is still an unwelcome exertion. On one of my recent weekly runs, I was on a very affluent street with … Continue reading

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State Attorney Censures Officer

Florida’s Tenth Judicial Circuit has issued a “death letter” against a Bartow police officer based upon a social media post in November of last year. This should be yet another warning that police officers do not have First Amendment protections … Continue reading

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Where I have been and where I am going…

Hello, friends. My posting here took a hiatus while I worked very hard to be promoted to lieutenant late last year.  It paid off.  I spent several months in charge of our Detective Division, where I ran Burglary/Auto Theft, Robbery/Homicide, … Continue reading

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Grappler Police Bumper–More Ingenuity at Work

Well, this is different.  I like how, after deployment, you get a stand-off distance of about three car lengths for officer safety.  It is kind of caveman technology, but then, I’m not beneath using what works.  Tell me what you … Continue reading

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Pasco Sheriff’s K9 Track

This is video that the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office released of K9 Deputy Jim Hall and K9 Chris apprehending a hit-and-run crash suspect.  The 49 second snippet above does not do the track justice.  Click on the link below to … Continue reading

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SWAT Officers Inhale Fentanyl

Hartford, Conn. Police Department’s Emergency Response Team members serving a search warrant were exposed to heroin and fentanyl when a distraction device apparently dispersed the powder into the air of the residence on entry. Eleven officers were treated at a … Continue reading

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Broward Deputy Cleared in “Stand Your Ground” Case

In December of 2015, I reported that Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Peter Peraza was indicted by a grand jury for manslaughter in an officer-involved shooting. He was the first Florida law enforcement officer charged for an OIS in 25 years. … Continue reading

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Baton Rouge Police Murders

Three Baton Rouge area police officers were murdered in an ambush this morning. At this time, at least three other officers have been wounded, one black male suspect is dead, while two suspects are at large. The last fallen Dallas … Continue reading

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Felon Fires Shots at Indianapolis Officer’s Home

For those of you with take home police cars, be aware of an incident at 0230 hrs this morning.  A purported Black Lives Matter supporter fired 17 9mm bullets at the home and police cruiser of  an Indianapolis Metro officer. … Continue reading

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Dallas Ambush Shootings

In the past 24 hours, there have been ambush shootings of police officers in Dallas, Texas, Valdosta, Georgia, and Ballwin, Missouri. Five officers are dead and at least 9 are wounded. Some in the law enforcement community are in shock, … Continue reading

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Latest Fentanyl Alert from the DEA This is a three minute video from the DEA on the hazards of handling fentanyl.  Two New Jersey detectives give their version of a scary close call at about 50 seconds in.  Stay safe. Randall

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Orlando Suffers Terror Attack

It was with great sorrow that I awoke this morning and read of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history in Orlando. At this time there are fifty dead and at least as many wounded. I have friends at both … Continue reading

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