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Photos from SWAT Round-Up International 2014

I took the day off and drove over to SWAT Round-Up International on Wednesday to check out the vendors and watch some of the competition.  The day’s event was the Officer Rescue.  I have competed in all five events over past years, so I enjoyed hanging around to watch others have the same fun! While I was at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Range, I hooked up with the guys from my SWAT team.  Our team did not compete this year.  As a matter of fact, we had not been on the field since 2006, which was the last time I competed.  Since we have so many FNG’s on the … Continue reading

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Coolest Vehicle at SWAT Round-Up 2014

As I was leaving the range at SWAT Round-Up International today, I saw this fully functional vintage operator delivery vehicle, a 1969 Dodge Barracuda.  It wore its original tactical OD green and black colors.  In its day, the convertible top allowed for high speed deployment of the “Special Weapons And Tactics” officers as the ‘Cuda roared up to the scene in a cloud of acrid, vision-obscuring tire smoke. At a venue where today’s armored vehicles are coated in metric tons of plate steel, yards of ballistic glass, and gallons of flat black paint, this vehicle stood out as an old school witness to how The Fuzz used to show up … Continue reading

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SWAT Round-Up 2013 Video Courtesy of Venture Ballistics

http://cf.cdn.vid.ly/r1h8r2/mp4.mp4   Todd Garrett over at Venture Ballistic Composites sent me this cool video of the SWAT Round-Up 2013 competition.  It captures the events’ preparation and perspiration.  If you competed this year or visited the SRI, you might see yourself in the movie.  Check it out.  Thanks, Mr. Garrett! Randall

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New Firebird Tactical Reactive Targets

I kept seeing flashes and smoke at the west end of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Range at SWAT Round-Up International.  At the far north end of vendor row, I got to speak to Andrew Mahwhinney of Firebird Tactical.  He showed us some of the cool metal target discs that react when hit by bullets. Firebird Tactical, a division of Firebird Reactive Targets, Ltd., was started to introduce their parent company’s products to the Military and Law Enforcement.  SWAT Round-Up International is the U.S. launch of the brand.  Firebird Tactical markets 40mm and 65mm-sized targets called either SniperFire Standard or SniperFire Mil-spec.  SniperFire Standard targets affix to a backer with … Continue reading

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Venture Ballistics Introduces New Active Shooter Shields

In addition to watching last Tuesday’s event at SWAT Round-Up International 2013, I trolled the vendors’ show looking for new things.  I ran across Todd Garrett at the Venture Ballistic Composites booth.  Mr. Garrett chose to introduce their new line of Active Shooter shields at this year’s SRI. Named an AS-3 or AS-3A, Venture Ballistics’ new models are either NIJ Level III or IIIa.  They come in 16″ X 20″ (short) or 16″ X 28″ (regular).  These shields are very mobile and afford good coverage to the user’s torso.  The AS-3A short is specifically designed to give protection in or out of a vehicle.

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Armored Mobility Inc. Rapid Response Carrier and SAPI3 Plate Review

My agency responded to an active shooter in the workplace last week.  Shots were fired.  Hundreds of workers, fearing the worst, hid in their offices.  There were gunfire injuries to a civilian.  Our PD response was swift and decisive.  The shooter was arrested.  Afterward, some of my co-workers expressed a desire to upgrade their patrol load out to include a critical incident vest.  I could not help but give them my opinion on the importance of armor and ammo. I currently have an Armored Mobility Inc. (AMI) Rapid Response Carrier with two AMI SAPI3 plates in the CVPI trunk while on duty.  Armor–check.  Multiple AR-15  and Sig magazines.  Ammo–check. Since … Continue reading

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Vendors Row at SRI

Half a day is not enough time to spend checking out the vendors at the SWAT Round-Up International.  I arrived at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office firearms range with two of my agency’s assistant team leaders.  Even during years we don’t attend, we try to make it over to the outdoor vendor row under the range roof.  In our line of work, it is important to stay abreast of new products and technologies–it can save lives.  The emphasis for this trip was to look at both vehicle and personal armor options and at replacement guns for the aging HK MP5’s in our arsenal. I’m always surprised at how close the … Continue reading

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SWAT Round-Up International This Week in Orlando

I’ll be heading over to Orlando tomorrow to check out the vendors at SWAT Round-Up International. We were not able to send a team over this year due to budget constraints–again. It is a shame, because the classes are valuable and the competition is a good exercise in team-building. I competed at SWAT Round-Up in the 1990’s and one last time in 2006. I felt it bettered my knowledge and skills each time. I’ll let you know if I see anything new and interesting… Randall

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