Photos from SWAT Round-Up International 2014

IMG_6438I took the day off and drove over to SWAT Round-Up International on Wednesday to check out the vendors and watch some of the competition.  The day’s event was the Officer Rescue.  I have competed in all five events over past years, so I enjoyed hanging around to watch others have the same fun!

While I was at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Range, I hooked up with the guys from my SWAT team.  Our team did not compete this year.  As a matter of fact, we had not been on the field since 2006, which was the last time I competed.  Since we have so many FNG’s on the team, I spent some of my time explaining to them how Round-Up works.  They seemed fired up to go next year and our commander, who was also at the event, said money was earmarked for 2015.

Suffice it to say that SWAT Round-Up is a valuable team building and problem-solving event with mandatory classroom sessions.  Throw in networking and consulting with other tactical professionals and you have an eye-opening learning experience.  The winner of SWAT Round-Up 2014 was Lakeland PD (Blue Team).  Congratulations, boys!  The rest of this article is pic-heavy.

IMG_6504 IMG_6383 IMG_6385 IMG_6387 IMG_6432 IMG_6433 IMG_6416 IMG_6427Ran IMG_6419 IMG_6429 IMG_6444 IMG_6461 IMG_6393 IMG_6399 IMG_6430 IMG_6441 IMG_6411IMG_6415 IMG_6443 IMG_6450 IMG_6424



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