Tough Hook Kickstarter Project

Through a friend, I was put in contact with Tarik Lazri.  He is a former U.S. Army soldier who has an idea for a heavy duty hanger and transporter for body armor.  Lazri told me of his frustrations with hanging up his plate carriers and body armor in stints in Iraq and as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan.  I said, “You should see the makeshift hand-twisted coat hanger nightmares holding ballistic vests in our police locker room.”  He replied, “Exactly!”

When I met with Lazri and he showed me his patented I-beam-inspired Tough Hook.  It was thick and sturdy with turned up ends to keep the straps in place.  It also flipped over and provided a grab handle to transport around body armor or scuba gear.  Lazri said the Tough Hook would hold over 150 lbs!

To pay for mold and production start-up fees, Lazri is using Kickstarter for initial funding.  Link here.  Check out the Kickstarter page and lend some monetary assistance if you wish.  You can even contribute and have a Tough Hook sent to a soldier overseas.  ThinBlueFlorida likes to support the little guys.  TBF paid the last $26.00 this morning to get the project up to the $11,000.00 initial pledge goal.  Good luck, Tarik!


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