Tactical Medical Solutions Uniformed Medical Kit

Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. provides products and training resources for both combat and tactical medical applications.   Their Uniformed Medical Kit allows a police officer to carry vital medical supplies beneath his or her uniform shirt.  The pouch attaches with hook side Velcro™ to the loop field on the adjustable strap area of concealed body armor.  More loop material on the front of the UMK is available for the strap ends to affix.

Tactical Medical Solutions UMK wTactical Medical Solutions gives the following benefits to the UMK:

  • Central placement provides the officer instant, ambidextrous access to their medical kit.
  • Does not alter the professional appearance of the officer’s uniform.
  • Velcro® like bridge allows the UMK to be adapted to fit carriers where Velcro does not extend fully across the abdomen.
  • Creates instant recognition among officers of the placement of medical gear.
  • Instant access to trauma gear saves precious time, allowing the officer to provide self-aid and responding officers to provide buddy-aid in the case of a serious injury.

I am a long time advocate of officers having medical trauma gear on their persons during every shift.  While I wear my CAT tourniquet on my ankle, and stash a packet of Quik Clot gauze under my ballistic vest’s shock plate when in uniform, I really like the UMK’s efficiency.  Having all the med gear stashed in one place is certainly an advantage, especially if all the officers wear it so that the placement becomes standardized.

Knowing that with cops you sometimes have to pander to the lowest common denominator (you know it’s true), having a med kit that stays fixed to your vest is a great idea.  The less the hassle, the more likely it is to be added to the daily load-out.

Tactical Medical Solutions sells the UMK (pouch only) for $13.30.  For $44.23, you can buy the pouch and a SOFTT-W (wide) tourniquet together.


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