Tactical Tailor Nylon MOLLE Archery Quiver

Back on 4/1/2013, ITS Tactical posted a new archery product from Zulu Nylon Gear called The MOLLE Quiver.  H.S.,L.D. for traditional weaponry.  When you clicked on the link–waaa, waaaa–it was an April Fools joke.  But after readers showed much interest in buying the actual quiver, Zulu started a FaceBook page for the product.  It has yet to be released.

Having been a recurve bow archer for the last thirty years (on and off), I decided to get an inexpensive nylon MOLLE quiver of my own.  After surfing around and finding nothing to my liking, I settled on using a basic Tactical Tailor modular hydration pack.  I had written a review of the Tactical Tailor Urban Operator Backpack for Shot Show earlier this year.  I found their products to have a quality build.

Wanting to keep this project reasonably priced, I examined their website and saw a quick release two point sling adapter that would not dent my wallet.  I reasoned that I could thread the adjustable QR sling through the MOLLE loops on the back of their hydration pack and violà, a quiver.  I ordered the Tactical Tailor hydration pack for $42.00 and the QR sling for $21.50, both in Coyote Brown.

I was quite pleased when they arrived.  Because the hydration pack had a simple flapped top, I just folded it into the body of the pack so the arrows slide right down.  An added bonus was that the hook and loop closure’s loop field would now be exposed at the mouth of the pack; it provided a nifty place for morale patches or name tapes.

Tactical Tailor Quiver Tactical Tailor 2 Tactical Tailor 3 Tactical Tailor 5 Tactical Tailor 4The components of my quiver were rugged, but light.  The QR sling adapter easily doubled as cross-body strap, and its black H & K style clip looked stylish.  I also ordered a strobe/compass pouch to carry my finger tabs, allen wrenches, and multitool.  Hey, why have all the MOLLE strips if you are not going to use them?

Okay, all this has nothing to do with police work, except that I am kind of a weapons geek.  I think that the more you know about the things that can harm you out in the world, the better you can understand how to protect yourself from the various threats.  That is why, in addition to range time with firearms, I practice with knives, tomahawks, Escrima sticks, bows, throwing stars, and other hazards.

While I could have ordered a custom made hydration pack from Tactical Tailor that was about four to five inches deeper, to hold my aluminum arrows more securely, I will only be using this quiver around the homestead.  It is functional for me, as is.  If I were ranging out into the field with it, I would probably request a longer cut.

My improvised quiver would turn heads if there were any in my back yard.  It was fun to find the parts and make a dopplegänger to the one shown on the other website.  Just seeing the quiver hanging in my closet makes me want to get outside and nock some arrows.


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