L.A.P.D. Approves Shellback Plate Carrier

aggressorplatecarriershellbacktacticallapdapprovedShellback Tactical has announced that its Made in USA AGGRESSOR plate carrier in black has been approved for duty use by the Los Angeles Police Department.  The MSRP for the AGGRESSOR is $179.99.  The pouches and mags not included.



NOW – L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department) Approved
The AGGRESSOR Plate Carrier is integrated with several features. The AGGRESSOR Carrier challenges the status quo in Law Enforcement plate carriers. This carrier was designed from the ground up with the patrol officer or tactical operator in mind. Ideal to be worn as an outer plate carrier/ tactical vest with rifle hard armor plates. The carrier has integrated front and back interior adjustable plate pockets that accept Level 3 and 4 10×12 shooters cut (clipped corner) plates and 10×12 Rectangle Plates. Used by many patrol officers as a daily duty outer vest carrier. The AGGRESSOR gives you more comfort as a plate carrier and a larger area to accept molle pouches. The AGGRESSOR also has an integrated heavy duty drag handle. The AGGRESSOR will Accept our GROIN Protector Armor, Deltoid Protector Armor and Collar Protector Armor all Level IIIA. The Shoulder Pad Accessory will also fit the AGGRESSOR but was not specifically made for them. If you need added comfort from loads like plates this is a great accessory. This Carrier is loaded. Pouches in pictures not included, and for example purposes only.

* L.AP.D. (Los Angeles Police Department) Approved
* 500 Cordura
* Upper left chest dual grommets to accommodate a badges
* Easy/Quick donning and doffing of the vest with underside mesh wrap around for positive contact then the vest drops down
* Cost effective
* Ideal for Law Enforcement Patrol, Swat and Tactical operations
* Non Slip on shoulder area for secure weapon shouldering
* 2 inch Velcro strip across upper chest for name plate of patch identifiers
* Front and Back of Carrier have Molle/ P.A.L.S. webbing to accommodate Molle pouches
* 2 Quick Release Buckles on each side to secure rig once closed
* 4 inch Velcro strip across upper back for Identifiers
* Fully adjustable shoulders
* Interior lined with heavy duty mesh for that breathes for comfort
* Padded mesh along arm holes for added comfort
* Underside of Shoulders are padded
* Front and Back interior adjustable pockets to accommodate 10×12 rifle plates
* Microphone strip on front to accommodate radio mics
* Drag Handle Integrated
* Lifetime Warranty
* Made in the USA


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