SHOT Show 2015 Coming Up!

SHOT Show 2015It is that time of year again to pack up the camera, notepad, and pen to head out for SHOT Show.  Plane, hotel, and vacation time are booked.  Someone else can do my job while I play media member for most of a week.

There is not quite the same buzz about new handguns as there was last year.  That said, a rumor is clandestinely swirling about that Glock will announce a single stack 9mm pistol this year which will be similar in size to last year’s runaway G42.  I will be scampering down to the Glock area on Monday’s Media (now Industry) Day to see if the new model is in attendance or just the stuff of rumors (I already posted about the new MOS Glocks here).

I am excited to be heading out to this yearly adventure and I hope to come back with some good stories, fun videos, and pertinent news from The Big Show.


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