Korth 9mm Sky Marshal Revolver is Moon-Clipless

Korth of Germany is introducing a 9mm revolver at SHOT Show 2015 that will not use clips to hold the bullets.  It will be called the Sky Marshal.  I copied the specs off of the Korth website for you.  They are in German, which I took in college but can’t really remember that well, but I typed in some gram and millimeter translations which appear in red at the right.


Sky Marshal

Kaliber: 9mm Luger (NATO Standard), 6 Schuss  (schuss=shot)

Gewicht: 560 g    (19.75 ounces weight)

Höhe: 157 mm      (6.18 inches high)

Länge: 130 mm    (5.12 inches long)

Breite: 39mm       (1.54 inches width)

Lauflänge: 50,8mm (2 Zoll)  (barrel length and twist rate?)

Polygonlauf      (polygonal rifling)

Rahmen mit Hartcoatbeschichtung    (PVD coated frame)

Nachladbar mit eigenem Speedloader (ohne Clips!) in 9mm Luger    (Reloads with a 9mm speedloader, no clips!)

Picantinny Rail für individuelle Zusatzausrüstung  (Picatinny rail for accessories)


The Sky Marshal will be a six-shot revolver in 9 x 19mm.  It will sport a two inch barrel.  There will be two sections of Picatinny rail on the right side of the barrel and frame, ostensibly for lights or lasers.  Korth states that there will be an optional laser available from them.  A skeletonized hammer spur will make this gun a double and single action affair.

Korth Sky Marshal RevolverSky_Marshal_mit_Speedloader_und_HolsterKorth also has a special speedloader designed specifically for the Sky Marshal.  Video of that is below.

Obviously, this gun will be compared to the Charter Arms Pitbull for function.  With the Pitbull, I have had a few extracted brass hangups, one of which you can see at the end of this segment–Charter Arms Pitbull Video.  If I can get some range time with the Sky Marshal, I will let you know how Korth’s system compares.



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