Hazard4 Launch-Pad Carrier for IPad Review

I think it may appear that I have a nylon fetish.  No, not that one.  I’m talking about ballistic nylon, found in gear bags, backpacks, equipment pouches, accessory holders, and gun holsters.  Last year, I cracked open my black nylon tri-fold badge wallet and bought an IPad2, which now needed something nylon-y to put it in.

I have so many black nylon pouches in my black nylon gear bag that I can’t find anything in the dark.  Thusly I thought I should get an IPad carrier of a different color.  I picked out a coyote tan Launch-Pad case from Hazard4.

Hazard4 is an offspring of Civilian Lab, LLC, that designs outdoor adventure, extreme sport, and travel gear.  Hazard4 stands for surviving the top disaster threat level, standard hazard classification four, be it natural or man-made.

The Launch-Pad is a nylon slip carrier that fits an IPad or IPad2, even one in a thin case.  Ruggedly sewn, the flapped pouch has two large hook and loop pads and a removable shock cord closure to keep the electronic device secured.

Its front has some embroidered lettering, two small grommeted air vents, and a rubberized Hazard4 logo.  On the reverse side are four lines of MOLLE webbing for mounting additional pouches to store accessories.  There are also two strips of hook and loop to add Hazard4 ‘s or your own patches.  On the bottom left corner is a triangular-shaped steel ring for a lanyard, carabiner, or other fastener.

Oh, and the interior.  It is supposed to simulate the gray quilted padding in a military cargo aircraft.  It makes the Launch-Pad uber cool.  The inside is very soft and protects my tablet from hard landings.

MSRP for the Hazard4 Launch-Pad is $39.35 for Black or Coyote, $42.00 for ATACS, and $43.00 for Multicam.

I take the IPad to work in what my wife calls the “bag of death.” (I call it the bag of life.)  My tablet needs a carrier to keep it from getting dinged up in the commute.  I trust the Launch-Pad to make this happen.  It is solidly made and fulfills its purpose with its own sense of “mil-spec” style.


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