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Snagmag–A Great Idea for Off Duty Magazine Carry

I saw the Snagmag concealed magazine holster on the Internet and I thought, “Perfect!”  I pocket carry a semi-auto handgun while off duty on most days (wheel gun for the rest). Although I have a DeSantis Mag Packer to hold a spare magazine, it situates the mag very low in the pocket and does not allow for other items to reside within.  The clutter will ride atop the mag, making it problematic to extract. The Snagmag is a simple thermoformed plastic holster that has a pocket clip to keep a spare magazine positioned near the mouth of the pocket.  This makes access to the bullet carrier convenient.  Keys and other … Continue reading

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Mil-Spec Monkey Hoodie RAW

The weather was a bit cool last week when I was in NYC.  I wanted to take something warm to wear that would extend below my waist and cover up the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 and holster I had stashed in my right front pants pocket.  I bought a Mil-Spec Monkey Hoodie RAW last November and it was just right for the trip. I met The Monkey a few years back at SHOT Show after I had contracted him to make morale patches for BlueSheepdog, and then more for ThinBlueFlorida.  We were very satisfied with his professionalism and his products.  I didn’t get to talk to him this year, … Continue reading

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Looking for some NYC advice…

Hypothetically speaking, if I was in New York City for a few days (which I am), would I be in trouble if I showed up at La Guardia to check my firearm in luggage and had Speer Gold Dot hollow points in a manufacture’s container? My cousin, who is a Jersey cop, said they got a bulletin telling their guys not to carry hi-cap mags with hollow point bullets into the City, because NYC changed the laws in February to make these mags and bullets illegal with no provisions for LEOSA carry.  I can’t seem to find anything on this online. Of course this is a purely an intellectual exercise, … Continue reading

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SCCY CPX-2 Pistol Review

One of my buddies loaned his Ruger LCR to a co-worker for off-duty carry.  The co-worker is a newer cop and she was short on funds after having a baby.  It got me thinking that not everyone in the squad room can afford an expensive back-up piece.  Introducing:  SCCY Industries. SCCY Industries, LLC (pronounced “Sky”) makes handguns in Daytona Beach, Florida.  After handling their Generation 2 CPX-1 and CPX-2’s at SHOT Show, I was impressed with the design and quality control of their 9mm polymer pistols.  Fit and finish was above average, especially if you factored in the MSRP:  $319.00 for the CPX-1 and $299.00 for the CPX-2!  It elicited … Continue reading

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AG’s Office Issues Brief on Concealed Firearms Carry

Last week, Attorney General Pam Bondi filed an amicus brief with the Florida Supreme Court in the case of Anthony Mackey v. State of Florida.  The Supreme Court will consider the direct conflict between Mackey v. State (Fl 3rd DCA 2012) and Regalado v. State (Fl 4th DCA 2010), which relates to concealed firearms carry.  The AG asks the Supreme Court to uphold the decision by the Third District Court of Appeal of Florida in this matter. The AG brief addresses the authority of a police officer to conduct an investigation of a person carrying a concealed firearm.  In short, on March 6, 2010, Miami Police Officer Alexander May observed … Continue reading

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Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack–Concealed Carry Review

While vacationing, my wife and I regularly take long day hikes.  You may know I am a stalwart supporter of LEO’s carrying a firearm at all times, so the backpack I wear has to have good concealment and easy access for a handgun.  The Maxpedition Falcon II satisfies both attributes and more. Many backpacks and slingbags have adequate cargo space and useful features, but I went looking for a carry-all that could give me good ingress into a handgun compartment while the pack was worn on my back with both straps shouldered.  In other words, a quick draw without having to doff the bag. Years ago, I purchased a Maxpedition … Continue reading

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