Looking for some NYC advice…

Hypothetically speaking, if I was in New York City for a few days (which I am), would I be in trouble if I showed up at La Guardia to check my firearm in luggage and had Speer Gold Dot hollow points in a manufacture’s container?

My cousin, who is a Jersey cop, said they got a bulletin telling their guys not to carry hi-cap mags with hollow point bullets into the City, because NYC changed the laws in February to make these mags and bullets illegal with no provisions for LEOSA carry.  I can’t seem to find anything on this online.

Of course this is a purely an intellectual exercise, but I would be curious if anyone knows if the Port Authority Police would try to arrest me at LGA with the aforementioned bad bullets. Maybe someone would have an answer before my flight departs tomorrow!


Update:  The Port Authority Officer was nice and checked me through without an issue.  I went back and reviewed the LEOSA amendments from 2010, so I felt sure about the HP bullets.  I had two six round mags, so the NY SAFE Act restricting mag capacity to seven wasn’t a concern to me.  I had thought about just giving my ammo to my cousin, but Nah! I was legal.  If I had gotten arrested, it would have just made for another article…

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3 Responses to Looking for some NYC advice…

  1. John says:

    LEOSA was amended a couple of years ago to allow all duty ammunition to be carried by out-of-state officers. The high-capacity magazines are more doubtful. The New York SAFE Act allows seven round magazines. Ten rounders may be grandfathered in, but may only be loaded to seven off the range.

    There are numerous proposals for amendments to the SAFE Act. I doubt Cuomo cares about cops, but I know he is concerned that television and movie companies will move out of state because the law currently applies to weapons used in their productions.

    I had considered attending a building search class conducted by NYTOA. When I inquired about carrying weapons into their state (I have none with seven round magazines), I was advised that they could supply me with gear for the cost. I appreciate the offer, but it indicates the state of the law in New York.

  2. Mike says:

    Non-LEOs should NEVER EVER fly through NYC with firearms. You will get arrested. NYPD doesn’t care if you’re following Federal law.

    Non-LEOs should NEVER EVER possess hollow point ammo in New Jersey. It’s a $1000 fine per round.

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