Snagmag–A Great Idea for Off Duty Magazine Carry

I saw the Snagmag concealed magazine holster on the Internet and I thought, “Perfect!”  I pocket carry a semi-auto handgun while off duty on most days (wheel gun for the rest). Although I have a DeSantis Mag Packer to hold a spare magazine, it situates the mag very low in the pocket and does not allow for other items to reside within.  The clutter will ride atop the mag, making it problematic to extract.

The Snagmag is a simple thermoformed plastic holster that has a pocket clip to keep a spare magazine positioned near the mouth of the pocket.  This makes access to the bullet carrier convenient.  Keys and other detritus can now fall to the bottom of the pocket, out of the way.

Revealing only the pocket clip, the Snagmag plays sleight of hand and masquerades as a clipped knife.  I am sure this is especially true with single stack magazines.  A hooked protrusion on the rearward side of the Snagmag literally snags the pocket with slight back pressure when with drawing the magazine, so the holster stays put.

Snagmag makes their holder for a wide range of single and double column semi-automatics.  The price for a Snagmag is $39.95 plus one dollar for shipping.  With proof of employment, a 10% Military and Law Enforcement discount will apply.

We all know we should tote extra ammo with us when we venture forth in our off time. This product can make that “burden” one fewer chore.


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