They Stole my Crown Vic!

My first Crown Vic K9 Car

Okay, “they” meaning my Administration.  I went to work last night and saw a set of keys and fobs on my desk to a brand new Chevrolet Tahoe.  An email instructed me to vacate the CVPI posthaste.  She had been reassigned.

I had been given my first Crown Victoria in 1990, when I went off to K9 school.  The previous handler had taken great care of the 1988 model and had even installed a cassette player!  I was thrilled, since I had no real love for the anemic Dodge Diplomat that had been my daily cruiser.

I have spent many an hour in Crown Vics over the years and I always felt at home.  The large sedan, V8, rear wheel drive configuration was stable at reasonable speeds.  We pursued suspects regularly back in the day and I had my share of chases.  I remember the Oldtimers telling us to shut down the A/C for a few extra horsepower.  And roll up the windows.  To reduce drag?  No, so we can hear your radio transmissions, rookie!

Unfortunately, I crashed a couple of CV’s, but I always came out unscathed, so I guess I’m lucky and the cars are fairly sound.  One of our guys, nicknamed T-Bone for the type of crash, spent a few harrowing moments barrel rolling his cruiser after being struck while chasing a speeder.  He also lived to drive another day.

I’ll miss you.

One year, at our annual pursuit training, I saw our former chief of police deftly maneuver the driving pad with one arm casually hanging out the open window of his unmarked Ford.  Mostly desk-bound, he looked smooth as he scorched the course and showed the younger officers what a seasoned badge could do.  Reminded me not to discount the graying fellas.

Yes, I enjoyed the shakedown cruise of my new Chebby.  It is gives a throaty roar when you gas it.  I was surprised how well mannered it is in a corner.  But it does not yet feel like what I think a squad should.

Sometimes I reminisce that I have seen the world through the windshield of a legendary police car…and it was good.


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3 Responses to They Stole my Crown Vic!

  1. M@ says:

    Did they give you a 2WD or 4WD?

  2. Aaron E says:

    The Tahoe’s do handle and perform well, but they do take some time in getting used to all the space. I’m mad at Ford for the stupid “Interceptor” cars they have replaced the CVPI’s with. Too small, VERY hard to get out of in a hurry, crowded, and a trunk not worthy of calling a trunk.

    Since the CVPI is not an option I’d be happy with a Tahoe. The Ford “cross-over” option is moderately better than the sedan, but it has some serious blind spots.

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