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AG’s Office Issues Brief on Concealed Firearms Carry

Last week, Attorney General Pam Bondi filed an amicus brief with the Florida Supreme Court in the case of Anthony Mackey v. State of Florida.  The Supreme Court will consider the direct conflict between Mackey v. State (Fl 3rd DCA 2012) and Regalado v. State (Fl 4th DCA 2010), which relates to concealed firearms carry.  The AG asks the Supreme Court to uphold the decision by the Third District Court of Appeal of Florida in this matter. The AG brief addresses the authority of a police officer to conduct an investigation of a person carrying a concealed firearm.  In short, on March 6, 2010, Miami Police Officer Alexander May observed … Continue reading

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Rob Pincus on “Irresponsible Open Carry Activism” and the Second Amendment

Rob Pincus is a former law enforcement officer, SWAT member, and world-renowned firearms and personal defense trainer.  Below was his response to what he sees as a threat to open carry and gun rights, in general.  I agree with his viewpoint. He asked Grant Cunningham to post this on his blog, and Mr. Cunningham gave me the go-ahead to reprint here.  I think it relevant,  in light of the obnoxious behavior by the wanna-be activists against Oregon cops that went viral last week… Irresponsible Open Carry Activism Jeopardizes The RKBA Guns should be carried for personal defense, not Activism. The best way to do that 99% of the time is … Continue reading

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Open Firearms Carry Wastes Officers’ Time

I saw this on another blog and it reminded me that there are conservative factions attempting to legalize open carry in Florida. In the densely populated, urban county in which I live, I fear that dwindling police services will have resources drained by these types of calls for service from alarmed citizens. This video is an example of two guys just trying to waste the officers’ time with obstructive discourse. Nice job by the officer. Yeah, we don’t always articulate things perfectly. Just the same, he is courteous and professional in the face of the amateur armed “confrontationalists.” The officer’s function check of what he discovered to be a .22 … Continue reading

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