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Rob Pincus Introduces New Winchester W Series Ammunition

Rob Pincus was once again at SHOT Show Media Day at the Range in the Winchester lane.  He was giving demonstrations of the new Winchester W Train and Defend line of ammunition.  According to their literature: “The W Train & … Continue reading

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Rob Pincus on “Irresponsible Open Carry Activism” and the Second Amendment

Rob Pincus is a former law enforcement officer, SWAT member, and world-renowned firearms and personal defense trainer.  Below was his response to what he sees as a threat to open carry and gun rights, in general.  I agree with his … Continue reading

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Rob Pincus on the Evolution of the OODA Loop

I.C.E. Training Company owner and Combat Focus Shooting developer Rob Pincus has a unique spin on U.S.A.F. Col. John R. Boyd’s OODA Loop from an instructor’s perspective.  Pincus’ article is over here on the I.C.E. Training Updates: Evolution of the … Continue reading

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