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Rob Pincus Introduces New Winchester W Series Ammunition

Rob Pincus was once again at SHOT Show Media Day at the Range in the Winchester lane.  He was giving demonstrations of the new Winchester W Train and Defend line of ammunition.  According to their literature: “The W Train & Defend ammunition system is designed to provide threat-stopping power with less recoil to the shooter. The system pairs its range-ready Train rounds with technology-driven Defend rounds, both designed to limit the recoil felt by the shooter. This system provides a perfect solution for new shooters, especially women, who are interested in training to become proficient with their personal defense ammunition.” Both the Winchester Train and Winchester Defend are ballistically matched … Continue reading

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Rob Pincus on “Irresponsible Open Carry Activism” and the Second Amendment

Rob Pincus is a former law enforcement officer, SWAT member, and world-renowned firearms and personal defense trainer.  Below was his response to what he sees as a threat to open carry and gun rights, in general.  I agree with his viewpoint. He asked Grant Cunningham to post this on his blog, and Mr. Cunningham gave me the go-ahead to reprint here.  I think it relevant,  in light of the obnoxious behavior by the wanna-be activists against Oregon cops that went viral last week… Irresponsible Open Carry Activism Jeopardizes The RKBA Guns should be carried for personal defense, not Activism. The best way to do that 99% of the time is … Continue reading

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Rob Pincus on the Evolution of the OODA Loop

I.C.E. Training Company owner and Combat Focus Shooting developer Rob Pincus has a unique spin on U.S.A.F. Col. John R. Boyd’s OODA Loop from an instructor’s perspective.  Pincus’ article is over here on the I.C.E. Training Updates: Evolution of the OODA Loop I won’t attempt to paraphrase what Mr. Pincus derives from the decision-making cycle conceptualized by Col. Boyd; it speaks for itself.  I found the article thought provoking and a good read. Randall

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