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Looking for some NYC advice…

Hypothetically speaking, if I was in New York City for a few days (which I am), would I be in trouble if I showed up at La Guardia to check my firearm in luggage and had Speer Gold Dot hollow points in a manufacture’s container? My cousin, who is a Jersey cop, said they got a bulletin telling their guys not to carry hi-cap mags with hollow point bullets into the City, because NYC changed the laws in February to make these mags and bullets illegal with no provisions for LEOSA carry.  I can’t seem to find anything on this online. Of course this is a purely an intellectual exercise, … Continue reading

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Flying With Your Firearm

For the last several years I have been traveling by domestic airline with a handgun declared in my checked baggage.  I initially thought the process would be a hassle, but I discovered that it is not as difficult as I had anticipated.  As a certified law enforcement officer, you should always have access to a firearm. Your authority to carry a concealed firearm as a “qualified law enforcement officer” or “qualified retired law enforcement officer” in any jurisdiction in the United States of America is granted via the Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act or LEOSA.  Click on the link if you are not thoroughly versed in its regulations, which you … Continue reading

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