TSSI TACOPS New Active Response Breacher’s Kit

TSSI‘s Don Wright showed me their new TACOPS Active Response Breacher’s Kit.  It contains a very portable hammer, halogen tool, and bolt cutter, each of which can unfold and telescope to full size for added leverage.  The tools are carried in a rugged nylon sling bag so the officer or operator can quickly transition to a handgun or long rifle, if needed.

This set of tools and bag was specifically designed for active shooter situations, where, with proper training, an officer can come on to a scene and have breaching capabilities that were formerly only available to a SWAT team.  The ARBK is small enough to ride unobtrusively in the trunk of a patrol vehicle and provide big help during an emergency.

I liked that the breacher can “re-holster” his tools after the entry in case they are needed inside the building.  For a tactical team, that means no more throwing down the halogen and ram at the front door, then sending someone back for them upon finding another problem (barricaded portal) later in the mission.

In an active shooter or high risk incident, a designated officer can bring along the entry tools and still have both hands free to defend himself and others while moving.  This makes this kit especially useful in large buildings or with multiple structures.  The TACOPS tools are lightweight and well-made.  I found this kit to weigh less than other “portable” breacher’s kits.  The sling approach to the bag is more efficient than backpack designs that need two officers to use the tools.

This is a brand new for 2014 item.  Mr. Wright said the MSRP would be $899.95.


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