New Troy Defense Pump Action Rifle

Troy Pump Action RifleTroy Defense’s new pump action sporting rifle reminds me of the Remington 7615P patrol rifle, that was marketed to law enforcement as an easily transitioned rifle that was identical in workings to a police 870 shotgun.  The Troy model is obviously more AR-15 than pump shotty, but you get the idea.

Troy Defense says their sporting rifle “is complaint in areas where legal ownership of standard semi-automatic rifles have been legislatively limited.”

I don’t see this as something that is a replacement for the standard semi-auto AR-15’s used by law enforcement, in fact, if you can think of a reason a department should buy them for duty use, leave a comment.  I would be interested to see if a justification can be dreamed up.

In the video below, the rifle’s recoil looks about the same as either a direct impingement or gas piston system.

MSRP is $1,099 for fixed or folding stock in black.


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