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Timberline Tactical Dave Young Combat Breaching Tool

GATCO/Timberline has brought on board police trainer and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Dave Young to design their new Timberline Tactical Combat Breaching Tool.  This tomahawk is 17″ overall with a full tang D2 blade at RH 60.  Dave explains all its features in the video.  MSRP will be $225.00. Dave has over thirty years of experience as a corrections officer, police officer, and Marine.  He has dedicated his time to training LE and the Military in officer survival, force on force strategies, and tactics.  He is the founder and director of ARMA Training.  Thanks for your service, Dave! Randall

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Eleven 10 Gear C.A.T. and SOF-T Tourniquet Holsters

I saw one of our Street Crimes Unit guys wearing this Kydex holster on his duty belt.  It caught my eye, as I recognized the C.A.T. tourniquet it held.  I inquired where he had purchased it and he sent me a link to Eleven 10 Gear.  Eleven Ten makes self-aid/buddy-aid med gear designed for the Military, SWAT, and street LEO’s.  The company was founded by two operators, one a Recon Marine and the other a SWAT officer, so they have both arenas covered.  Eleven Ten’s gear is proudly Made in the USA.  Below is their description of the C.A.T. holster. This small Kydex law enforcement / military tourniquet case can … Continue reading

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Schrade SCHF14 Fixed Blade Knife

This striking knife from Schrade (Taylor Brands) is their SCHF14.  When I saw it at Blade Show, I joked to the rep that SCHF must stand for, I dunno, “Sh*t Can Hit the Fan?”  His face told me he was not amused.  Yeah, but I was. One of my first SWAT knives was a Navy Mk3 knife that weighed at lease 14 ounces with its plastic sheath.  It was a beast and guys quickly shed it from their belts for more manageable cutters.  I think the trend toward smaller blades has continued and this Schrade SCHF14 looked like one I would hang from some tactical nylon. The thing I really … Continue reading

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What Do You Carry In Your SWAT Gear?

I was rummaging through my very old SWAT ballistic vest the other day in the garage.  Some odds and ends in the main MOLLE pouch included: A Gerber Multi-Plier, Benchmade A.F.O. autofolder, two AR-15 mags, two Sig .40 cal. mags, flex cuffs, Streamlight Stinger, two spare TASER cartridges, ballistic glasses, ear protection, Nomex gloves, Nomex balaclava, latex gloves, window punch/seat belt cutter, lensatic compass, AA Mini-Maglite with red lens, notepad and pen, about 50′ of black paracord, spare flashbang pin, chalk, and a black Sharpie marker. Most of this gear, or older stuff just like it, had been my standard load-out for over twenty years of tactical operations.  Though I … Continue reading

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