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What Do You Carry In Your SWAT Gear?

I was rummaging through my very old SWAT ballistic vest the other day in the garage.  Some odds and ends in the main MOLLE pouch included: A Gerber Multi-Plier, Benchmade A.F.O. autofolder, two AR-15 mags, two Sig .40 cal. mags, flex cuffs, Streamlight Stinger, two spare TASER cartridges, ballistic glasses, ear protection, Nomex gloves, Nomex balaclava, latex gloves, window punch/seat belt cutter, lensatic compass, AA Mini-Maglite with red lens, notepad and pen, about 50′ of black paracord, spare flashbang pin, chalk, and a black Sharpie marker. Most of this gear, or older stuff just like it, had been my standard load-out for over twenty years of tactical operations.  Though I … Continue reading

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