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What Do You Carry In Your SWAT Gear?

I was rummaging through my very old SWAT ballistic vest the other day in the garage.  Some odds and ends in the main MOLLE pouch included: A Gerber Multi-Plier, Benchmade A.F.O. autofolder, two AR-15 mags, two Sig .40 cal. mags, flex cuffs, Streamlight Stinger, two spare TASER cartridges, ballistic glasses, ear protection, Nomex gloves, Nomex balaclava, latex gloves, window punch/seat belt cutter, lensatic compass, AA Mini-Maglite with red lens, notepad and pen, about 50′ of black paracord, spare flashbang pin, chalk, and a black Sharpie marker. Most of this gear, or older stuff just like it, had been my standard load-out for over twenty years of tactical operations.  Though I … Continue reading

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Voodoo Tactical Armor Carrier Review

Despite the fact that the trunk of my Crown Victoria Police Interceptor resembles a scaled down version of our Tactical Room, I have gone out and bought a Voodoo Tactical 20-8399 Plate Carrier to add some serious protection to my kit. Bailout bags are all the rage. I prefer a bailout load-bearing vest for patrol work, for that time when you need extra ammo, medical equipment, and basic tools in a critical incident.  I’m now going up the ante and say an armor plate carrier is the best bet of all three options. When working the street, we wear soft body armor.  It should be NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level IIIa.  … Continue reading

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