Kramer Custom Knives

I met Eric Kramer in his Kramer Custom Knives booth at Blade Show 2013 and immediately I liked him.  He is, ahem, a younger guy and active duty U.S. Coast Guard.  Sometimes, I don’t just want to see a knife, I want to see what is in the mind of the man who makes it.  In Eric, I found a thoughtful tactician as a knife maker.

Eric high-hollow grinds beefy 3/16th” S35VN blade stock into shape.  The premium S35VN has a small amount (.5%) of niobium, which gives the stainless steel much-increased toughness and edge holding abilities over S30V, current darling of the knife making world.  Textured G10 handle scales are bolted to the knives with Allen head bolts.

Naturally, Eric makes the custom kydex sheaths for his knives, which mount with tough IWB loops or MALICE clips.  Wilde Built Tactical, an LEO-owned and operated company in San Diego, builds the high quality nylon sheaths for Eric’s blades.  Eric could not say enough good things about his relationship with Wilde.  Eric’s kydex sheaths nestle inside the Wilde nylon pouches for safety and retention.  The sheath set up allows for MOLLE pouches to be affixed.

The larger knives pictured above are the 5 1/2″ blade Gutshot Fighter model, which can be had in single or double edge.  The smaller 4″ blade knife with the solid green G10 is the Medium Field Utility Knife.  Prices for Kramer Custom Knives run around the $350 mark, depending on model.  I think the pricing is great for a handmade custom knife that has considered features.

In talking to Eric about the function of his knives, he spoke intelligently about his knives being used in a tactical setting, whether the user is breaching or boarding.  The knives obviously would also serve well as utility/camp/hunting tools, but I think they are best secured to the kit of a serious Military or LE shooter.


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