Sells Black Site’s Carbon Fiber Chopsticks!

Who doesn’t need a chopstick that can withstand 500 degree Fahrenheit temps and about 1.8 million PSI of tensile stresses?  We are talkin’ about eating Pho in the most dangerous places, safely!  I saw these in‘s showcase.  Black Site‘s weapons-grade chopsticks come with a baked-on food safe proprietary coating.  They are made from 100% solid carbon fiber that is Made and CNC Machined in the USA.

The Hybrid are Black Site’s round cross-section chopsticks that measure 9″ long and taper from 0.3″ to 0.1″ for the last 4.5″ of the stick.  These are $75.00.  Fancy quadrangle (square at the large end) chopsticks are The MIB, which retail for $125.00.  The MIB’s are of the same proportions as The Hybrid.

Bring on the Wasabi, Sriracha, and Ninjas!


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