Ontario Knife Company Wyvern Crash Axe

A Wyvern is a two-legged winged mythical beast resembling a dragon.  Wings and claws seem especially appropriate for this U.S.A.F.-inspired tool.

New for 2013 is a military grade axe from the Ontario Knife Company called the Wyvern Crash Axe.  Robb Cass, OKS’s Director of Special Projects, told me that U.S.A.F. Pararescue Jumpers wanted an aircraft breaching and rescue tool for their load-out.  OKC came up with this variation on their SPAX axe that has a couple of tricks up its sleeve.

Okay, we get the curved axe face for cutting.  On the backside of that is a pick for punching holes.  Once an aircraft skin is pierced, the other end of the tool is used like a can opener to scissor through and pry up the aluminum and rivets.

I included the Wyvern in my Blade Show 2013 coverage because, though my Team will likely never tear up an airplane, this axe has possibilities as a rescue tool and as a good general piece of equipment when you are looking for that special tool for the job.  Maybe your Team has responsibilities on the tarmac.  My jurisdiction in airport adjacent.

The Wyvern is made of 5160 carbon spring steel.  It is 18.9″ in overall length and finished in a black epoxy powder coat.  The scales are canvas Micarta.  A nylon sheath is included.  This Made in the USA axe can be found for under $300.00.


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