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Poor Judgment Leads to Police Sergeant’s Firing

This is a sample of the target that Sgt. Ron King of the Port Canaveral, FL Police Department wanted to use as a “training aid” during an April 2nd department firearms training.  He was fired on Friday.  The text of his explanation, which was posted on YouTube, is below.  King’s version doesn’t quite jibe when you actually see the target.  Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea?  With a crosshair reticle?  Come on… Randall  “Good Evening, my name is Ron King and I am the focus of some recent media attention based on lies, false information and political agendas. “First, you’ll have to excuse me if I refer to my computer … Continue reading

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Another Victim in the Trayvon Martin Case: Objectivity

I have thus far avoided weighing in on the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman shooting out of Sanford, FL.   I did not want to speak prematurely, however… The controversial incident happened nearly a month ago in the small city outside Orlando.  In the ensuing weeks, public outrage over the shooting, the investigation, the chief of police, and the charge of racism has simmered over. Each day, the mainstream media has brought us a fistful of “breaking news,” fresh protests, and the latest in politicians and celebrities vying for the spotlight in the wake of this case.  In society’s current zeal for instant gratification, it seems no one has patience for the … Continue reading

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