Stay Tuned

I’ll be absent from new posting for a bit.  I’ve reassumed supervision of our K9 Unit and I have some administrative projects to slay.  I’ll be back in a few…


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6 Responses to Stay Tuned

  1. M@ says:

    Stay frosty!

  2. Aaron E says:

    Break your desk chair … it’ll give you an excuse to be on the road with the troops! Ah, the paperwork dragon never seems to be vanquished. Glad to see you’ve made it back home. We’ve had 2 very good dog bites in recent weeks!

    • Randall says:


      I’m working to self-rescue myself from a deluge of paperwork, but I definitely know that you know what it is like! Some of the Unit’s admin suffered while I was gone for the last year. Almost up to speed, though.


  3. reformedyankee says:

    Does this mean we might see some K-9 articles?

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