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St. Petersburg Police to Test StarChase Pursuit System

About a year and a half ago, I wrote an article about the StarChase Pursuit Management System.  StarChase fires a GPS loaded projectile at a fleeing vehicle.  Once the projectile is attached, it allows the police to back off the pursuit and electronically follow the vehicle in hopes of a less volatile ending. Assistant Chief Melanie Bevans has said that the St. Petersburg Police will be trying out the StarChase technology because, “This is something that we have found that we think will make (pursuits) just a little less dangerous.”  Police chases resulted in 17 crashes in 2012 for the St. Petersburg Police.  St. Pete will be the first police … Continue reading

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StarChase Pursuit Management System

Who doesn’t like playing “Tag” or “Cops and Robbers?”  When you combine the two games, you come up with a serious solution proposed by StarChase LLC to a serious problem for law enforcement. The StarChase Pursuit Management System “tags” a suspect vehicle fleeing from law enforcement and leads authorities to the vehicle by the use of real-time GPS tracking, thereby minimizing the risks of a high-speed pursuit. Started in 2001, StarChase, LLC, is a Virginia Beach, VA based company that specializes in pursuit management solutions using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and existing technologies. The StarChase System uses a laser-aimed compressed air launcher in the grill of a police car to … Continue reading

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