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Video of the Shoot Out at a Miami-Dade Narcotics Raid

Chilling video of an ambush at a Miami-Dade Police drug raid last July was released Thursday.  Thankfully, the officers prevailed.  Suspect Gerardo Delgado died.  Det. John Saavedra was shot three times, below his ballistic vest, but survived.  Eighty pounds of marijuana and $90,000.00 were found in the house. Homeowner Luis Estevanell, who is the other suspect seen in the video, was charged with Possession of Cocaine, Trafficking in Marijuana, and Second-Degree Murder. Situational awareness can save your Applewood Smoked Bacon.  Don’t pass things you haven’t cleared (when humanly possible).  Take decisive action (when necessary).  Stay frosty. Randall

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What You Don’t Know…

The weather was beautiful, so my wife and I took a walk to get out of the house.  Along the journey, we headed down the sidewalk near a set of waterfront condos.  There was a sheriff’s office cruiser parked parallel to our path.  As we went by the driver’s side of the patrol car, my wife and I waved to the deputy sheriff.  She was young and appeared to be talking on her cell phone–no problem there, she was stationary.  That would pass muster under our General Orders.  She smiled and nodded back to us–good public relations for Starman. I could not help but feel uneasy as I was strolling … Continue reading

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