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In the SWAT Van

The guys were loading up the van for a full blown SWAT call a few weeks ago. I was still a street supervisor and working the evening shift.  Thinking I might be of some use, I hovered around the equipment … Continue reading

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K9 Hijinx

Okay, M@ reminded me of a story.  Back when I was in K9, when things were “in black and white” as a snarky friend once observed, a handler from a nearby agency told me about something that happened to him … Continue reading

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So long, Tahoe!

No, I’m not getting my Crown Vic back.  I am accepting an assignment in the Detective Bureau, overseeing Burglary/Pawn, Auto Theft, and Economic/Cyber Crimes.  It has been four years since I left DB for another stint on the street.  I … Continue reading

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They Stole my Crown Vic!

Okay, “they” meaning my Administration.  I went to work last night and saw a set of keys and fobs on my desk to a brand new Chevrolet Tahoe.  An email instructed me to vacate the CVPI posthaste.  She had been … Continue reading

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Surviving to Twenty-Five Part Three

I have spent uncounted hours over the decades, consoling and counseling co-workers with marital troubles.  Why did people come to me? Because I am very happily into Year Nine of my third marriage.  Although it’s none of your goddamn business, … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t need a chopstick that can withstand 500 degree Fahrenheit temps and about 1.8 million PSI of tensile stresses?  We are talkin’ about eating Pho in the most dangerous places, safely!  I saw these in‘s showcase.  Black Site‘s … Continue reading

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Combat Flip Flops Vs. K9 Malinois

In case you haven’t heard of Combat Flip Flops, here is something from their website: “The journey began with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Lee and Griff made their first trip to Afghanistan in the Winter of 2003.  After several deployments … Continue reading

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Gov. Rick Scott Literally Shoots Down Police Drones

Okay, not literally, but I get a kick out of when people misuse the word.  Anyway, Gov. Rick Scott signed into law this week legislation which will, in essence, keep law enforcement drones grounded by way of severe restrictions. Effective 6/1/2013, … Continue reading

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Surviving to Twenty-Five Part Two

In the first part of Surviving to Twenty-Five, I yapped a bit about safety and diet and exercise.  Another part of long-term officer survival is in the work arena.  Over the years, I have collected a few tips for getting … Continue reading

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Surviving to Twenty-Five

Several months ago, I crested the 25-year mark as a sworn police officer.  More recently, I turned 50.  I had some thoughts about surviving a law enforcement career for a quarter of a century that I would like to share. … Continue reading

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VHS, the YouTube of Yesterday

Back in 1987 (the year I was sworn in), sending out a hundred training tapes on VHS was the equivalent of something going viral today.  A traffic stop in Los Angeles that year prompted this sarcastic training tape. According to … Continue reading

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The Right K9 Tool for the Right Job

We responded to a bomb threat last week.  Having an explosives detector dog at the scene reminded me of a call years ago when I was a K9 handler. It was the early 1990’s.  I was working a dual-purpose Patrol … Continue reading

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Around 2130 hrs last night, I was standing beside the road with a sheep on a leash.  I did not see that one coming. Some kids caught a ewe that had gotten loose from a nearby farm. (Must be a … Continue reading

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Magpul VW Micro Bus with a Mini Gun

This was cool. Randall

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The Police Donut

So I was walking by the squad room, when one of the guys stopped me and said, “Hey Sarge, I have this theory about donuts.”  Huh?  Concerned for his mental health, I decided I needed to know more about donuts.  … Continue reading

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