Combat Flip Flops Vs. K9 Malinois

In case you haven’t heard of Combat Flip Flops, here is something from their website:

“The journey began with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Lee and Griff made their first trip to Afghanistan in the Winter of 2003.  After several deployments and reality of a growing families, they separated from the military in 2006 and continued to support troops through other avenues. In 2010, Griff returned to Afghanistan to assist the growing Afghan National Army.  On that trip, he toured an Afghan-owned boot manufacturing plant and saw where a factory worker punched a flip flop thong through a combat boot sole.  The idea was born.

“We started Combat Flip Flops with the mission of supporting a growing Afghan economy. Our goal to manufacture in Afghanistan is anchored in the belief that a strong economy will sustain the gains made over the last decade.

“As international forces withdraw in 2014, the mature Afghan National Army and Police are taking the lead.  Afghans are making the best financial decisions to sustain the army and police created alongside coalition forces. Footwear manufacturers in Kabul depend heavily on military contracts, so any decrease in volume has a huge impact on sustainable operations. Unfortunately, the decline came faster than expected and the CFF plant could not sustain operations on supplemental flip flop volume. Our factories closed before the delivery of the first order.

“Although the military manufacturing sector is slowing down, the economy in Afghanistan is on the rise and we’re amazed at the progress we’ve seen over the past few years. Small businesses are booming, schools are creating empowered Afghan youth, and the most professional security services in Afghan history are in place. This wouldn’t have been possible without the opportunity created by the US military and international forces.

“So what to do with 3,400 pair of raw materials? We brought it home.

“We paid attention to the emails, blog postings, and phone calls asking, “Why don’t you make them in the USA?”  Roger that. With a foundation of predictable U.S. production, CFF can withstand the delays, setbacks, and difficulties of doing business in post conflict areas.  We set up in Issaquah, Washington and began manufacturing in January 2013.  Combat Flip Flops will resume production in Afghanistan and offer U.S. and Afghan made products to our customers in the near future.

“We truly appreciate our customers’ faith and support. We hope you like our flip flops, style, and approach to helping Afghanistan and supporting our troops.  As we grow, we look forward to communicating your positive impact on factory workers,  growing economy, and community.

“Until then, relax in some comfy footwear. They’re bad for running and worse for fighting.

“Thank you.
Lee, Andy, and Griff”

Bad for Running. Worse for Fighting.  I love it.


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