VHS, the YouTube of Yesterday

Back in 1987 (the year I was sworn in), sending out a hundred training tapes on VHS was the equivalent of something going viral today.  A traffic stop in Los Angeles that year prompted this sarcastic training tape.

According to lore, the LA Police Department sent out a roll call safety brief stating that gang members may be using former LA County Sheriff’s Department Chevrolet Malibu’s for criminal activities.  LAPD Harbor Division cops end up stopping a “suspicious” unmarked Chevy Malibu on felony traffic.  The Malibu contains–two sworn LASD deputies!  Despite being in full uniform, the deputies are taken down at gunpoint by the PD officers and detained until an LAPD supervisor arrives.

Needless to say, the simultaneously dangerous and hilarious misadventure prompted ire and this unauthorized training video made by LASD deputies.  It was labeled Training and sent to numerous divisions of the LAPD.

I had seen this video at an LE school back in the 1990’s–you know, when the instructors used to show funny (non-PC) videos during breaks.  Now a part of the Internets, Who Are You? surfaces every couple of years on someone’s forum site.  I thought if you haven’t seen it, it is worth a laugh.


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